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Blind And Lupus Disabled Mom Needs Grant Money For Home Improvement

by Donna
(Liberty, Missouri, USA)

I am a 47-year-old mom that has been married for over 26 years. I have three kids that live with us, and are going to school.

I used to work for a law firm, but went blind in July 2011. We went from a two-income family to a one-income family.

We are able to pay the bills, but do not have any money for anything else.

Our house is over 20 years old, and it has the original central air conditioning unit. The unit needs to be replaced.

I have an autoimmune disorder that not only caused the blindness, but also makes it impossible to tolerate extreme heat and cold.

We just are not able to cool the house down with fans, and our windows do not support window air conditioners.

With lupus, asthma, a heart condition and being blind, I am considered disabled through the State of Missouri, and through the Social Security Administration.

I am not able to work, although I am trying to go back to school so that I can return to work. I do not have any adaptive equipment to help me.

Due to my illnesses, I have over $150 in prescriptions. I do not have any related adaptive equipment to help.

I have to rely on my family for transportation. I have to travel over 50 miles one way for most of my doctors. I have two knee replacements, and it makes it hard to walk, let alone shop for my family.

My husband works, and I receive disability through the Social Security Department. We go to food pantries to make ends meet.

We are looking for grants to help us replace our central air unit.

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