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Blind Father Seeks Help To Provide Properly For Wife And Eight Children

by Elijah Wambua
(Nairobi, Kitui, Kenya)

I am 54 years of age, living in Kenya with a wife and eight children to care for.

I have got also my mother who is very old and needs my care as well.

Disability Issues

I became blind in 1975, as a result of measles. This brought a lot of confusion to me wondering how my life would be, young as I was.

I had little hope how I could live with this kind of situation.

Financial Hardship

As I am writing this short message, I am living in a situation whereby getting money for my basic needs is really a problem.

My first three children did not go to any college/university to further their education. This is because I have been struggling in vain to get funds from my Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

I also face a lot of problems when I want to move about. I need someone to guide me going to the hospital, market and other necessary places.

Income Efforts

The small business that we run with my wife of selling charcoal gives me very little income to cater to my needs. It's a challenge that such income cannot feed, medicate and educate my children.

I don't own a computer, which makes it hard whenever I want to access the Internet due to high rates charged in the Cyber Cafes.

Thank God I happened to come across the Ability-Mission organization, which seems to be of hope of my future.

Specific Needs

I would like to get grants to build my own house, educate my children in tertiary institutions to help them secure job and become self-reliant.

Also I would like help to support my old mother who needs care especially on medication grounds.

Business Idea

I would like to expand my business by buying timber to make furniture for money. I would like to drill a borehole to start irrigation in my farm and supply water to the community. In so doing I will get enough capital to cater for my daily needs and live the life I have been desiring.

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