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Brain Injured Disabled Single Mom Seeks Grant Money For Better Quality Of Life

by Kacy Christopher
(Keene, NH, USA)

My name is Kacy and I live with my six-year-old daughter in New Hampshire. I'm looking for government grant money to help us get the quality of life we need.

My first disability happened during what was supposed to be a simple one-hour foot surgery, after which I would just go back home.

My husband of eight years went with me to the hospital. I told the nurse that I was sick to my stomach, and very nauseated.

I was given a white pill that put me to sleep before going into the operating room. Under anesthesia I got sick and inhaled stomach contents into my lungs, which caused respiratory and cardiac arrest.

I flat-lined, was intubated and after six minutes of flat-lining, they got a pulse, and my heartbeat came back.

I was put on life support and went into a coma for several days. With no follow up, I was released from this hospital to an empty home.

I had suffered a severe brain injury, and a seizure disorder that went undiagnosed for close to a year.

My world was so completely different. As soon as I was taken off life support, my husband came and stated, "I am not going to live at the house anymore and I am taking our son. I will be in touch. I can't afford to care for sick people."

The court allowed him temporary custody order of my son while I was in a coma fighting for my life. He never mentioned my whereabouts to the court.

My husband instead used the court stating that I had kicked my son for I had several foot surgeries from birth deformities that were never taken care of. I could not even walk without pain in my feet. I went through a divorce in which I was only physically present.

Before this day I was a fully functioning mom of one. I had a home business, and I thought I had a loving and caring husband.

This incident took several years to heal from, or it's as good as it gets. I am just grateful I am not having several seizures, and I was able to relearn many things we all take for granted.

I lost my home and my family, and I even ended up homeless. I basically wandered around lost for five years.

I got involved with someone and had a long-term relationship. I had a daughter in 2004 that I have raised on my own since her birth.

In 2008 I had a bad fall and on the x-ray report it stated two vertebrae fractures due to severe osteoporosis. Nothing was done for the osteoporosis until five more fractures, resulting in severe back deformities that limit my walking and basically any type of movement.

It causes severe pain and I have been told I am unable to even consider surgery due to bones being too soft. My daughter was also born with a rare birth defect called amniotic band syndrome.

She had many surgeries and had some mild developmental delays. She is a bright delightful and very active and social child.

After I am well, I will have a better quality of life, which means getting basic needs met, having a safe and reliable used vehicle, and being out of debt through a grant.

I am offering free rent and utilities to the right person who would be able to help out with household chores, do errands and be socially interactive with my daughter and myself, and have a clean record. You can leave a comment about this.

I would like to start an advocacy program so that anyone who goes through a trauma that leaves them ill will not fall through the cracks of our "system" and have to lose all they worked for, and be left alone to fend for themselves.

Thank you for any grants or support you can point us to or for any assistance you can provide. Kacy Christopher.

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Oct 31, 2010
I have been searching for you!
by: Sandy24 actually.... LEE

Hello Kacy

Boy! I have been all over the NH sites looking for help for you and other agencies/options! I am so glad that I followed through on this one and read it.

I am sorry to say that this is taking so long. I do want you to know that. I am looking, trying, searching and just do not believe this is good for you and your most adorable little one to be this long in obtaining help!

The messages in the comments here are really very good info for you. Did you think of suing the doctor where this all started for you? I know that the statute is over and done with, and I do know it was really hard for you to go through all of this.

It disgusts me to hear about that husband and what he did, not for you, but to you and your son!

Would you please bear with me? I am onto to a possible maybe here but now need to wait again for a workday tomorrow and fax some things. I know your name now. And where you are. I'm presuming that Keene is not huge and you can be found!

I am going to presume, too, that you got my last post on the day you were going out and worrying about your car! It is an apology, and comes from deep in my heart. Would that I lived in Keene? I would surely help you out, too.

I am beyond humbled by what you have been through. I will see who what, where, when if that is ok with you. You will find a little 'post' on "page" to the same again.

Thank you again for that gorgeous photo of that delightful daughter of yours. She is surely a "looker" and is a sweetie.

May God bless you both and may that community you are in come together to do something for you two.

All my thoughts and best. Sandy24/Lee

Sep 25, 2010
Have an adult daughter with a TBI from accident
by: Anonymous

You need an advocate for TBI survivors and victims. You also could benefit from intensive cognitive/behavioral therapy through a LCSW and if needed, a psychiatrist for meds. Learning life skills to deal with people and difficult situations will help you. I would contact your insurace company or government agency and find out if you can be assigned a LCSW, female and experienced at least 10 years, to help you. They can guide you and help you obtain resources to further your living situation. Hope this helps. BSR

Sep 09, 2010
A Few More Sources For You
by: Anonymous

Here are two organizations that provide total funding for vehicle purchase and two major nonprofit organizations that may provide the vehicle itself:

Muscular Dystrophy Family Foundation

United Cerebral Palsy

Joni And Friends

Free Charity Cars

The SSI branch of the Social Security Administration has the PASS Program that you can utilize. You should also contact your social services healthcare provider for information on the monies, funding and grants that they as a social service agency can request on your behalf so that you can have a vehicle purchased for your needs through them. God Bless you and your family and I hope this little bit of information helps you.

Mar 29, 2010
Build On Your Strength
by: Katina

Reading your story, I had to close my eyes and try to breathe. It was hard to read about a mother having her children taken away, and falling ill to the medical practice. While telling you that "I've been there" may not help much, I can tell you that it is more than possible for you to over come all of the barriers that you are facing now.

I liked your idea about the advocacy program. You could help others, and at the same time, rebuild a life for you and your children.

The first place I would start is the IRS website for information on how to create a non-profit organization. This is a time consuming, frustrating and long process. That said, it could also be the best experience of your life? other than having children. I doubt there is no greater joy in this world than becoming a mother. Some links?


Today, I look out and I dream about reuniting with two of my boys. It's been over ten years. The only way I've been able to get through any of it was to begin looking at what I could do in my life to better it. Taking a class, starting a new business, and joining a support group are all things that you could do that would improve your life and give you a sense of accomplishment, something I think most parents forget about. We want our children to have everything and in this process, we often forget about what we need, like an education, or employment skills.

I find your story inspiring, mainly because of the goals you have set for yourself.

Finding individual grants is probably the hardest thing to do, but it's not impossible. You'll be doing 99% of the research (on your own), so be prepared to spend long days and even longer evenings at your desk -- while doing all of this work, set rewards for yourself.

Contact local charities, and other non-profit organizations that do advocacy, volunteer (network), if your physical health allows for it. Many organizations have lists of resources, may take phone calls, or allow you to make an appointment to meet with someone in person.

Please return to keep us posted so we can help further if able.

Following up on grant opportunities is imperative. I think when people search for grants initially, they forget that there is no grant tree out there, and they are competitive, first come first serve. So get a head start and create a schedule for learning about writing grants, and giving yourself deadlines.

Stay strong and let this experience in your life, make your life -- better then it has ever been. You know you can do it, sometimes; we have to say the words out loud.

God bless you and your children.

Katina from Accessible.org

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