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Brain Tumor And Seizure Disabled Man Seeks Grant Money For Used Family Car

by Anthony
(Rincon, Georgia, USA)

I am a 25-year-old single male with two brothers, one stepbrother, my stepfather and my mother who is my rock. I have no kids and have never served in the military

My disability is a seemingly incurable brain tumor discovered in 2007 while working my one and only job.

A neurosurgeon had tests done and concluded that I must have had this tumor growing in me for the last 15 years. It caused me to have seizures, which resulted in me often harming those around me while I was growing up.

I have undergone three brain surgeries, chemo and radiation therapy, and I still have this tumor.

During my last surgery, I was informed that my tumor is starting to become part of my brain so it is no longer safe to remove it without the potential to partially if not fully paralyzing me for life.

This tumor causes me to have periods where the whole left side of my body goes numb and it also causes seizures at random times. I have an extra scar on my forehead as I crashed my mother's car in 2010 due to a seizure while driving.

I am currently on Social Security Income, making just under $700 a month. Normally this isn't a problem and I wouldn't be bothering anyone with it, but in the last year I lost my grandmother.

Grandma was the one who helped my mother in times of hardship as she is currently out of work herself due to a colostomy surgery a couple of months ago.

Due to that fact, I am the one who has to pay extra towards the rent of the extremely bad trailer my family rents, the light bill, the phone bill, and food.

Not to be selfish, but I originally applied for disability because I was told by my doctor that I would never work again due to the uncertainty of my tumor and the possibility of me having another seizure on the job.

I lost my job after only working there in 2007 for about 45 days after my boss caught me having a seizure on the job. She told me that I would have what is called a separation from company so I wasn't fired and I never quit.

My work history is technically clean although I did work for a month and a half. I have a short attention span and get easily distracted so I almost forgot to add the rest of my story.

As I just mentioned, my attention span is almost non-existent so sometimes I forget to call for transportation to my doctor appointments and either have to rush there with my mother's vehicle if it's home or reschedule my appointment all together.

As for medications, I currently take four different medications twice daily to keep me from having seizures. It took quite a few years to get my medications right as it turns out I'm allergic to most anti-seizure medications, but my doctor and I found a combination that works.

As I mentioned before, I technically worked at a convenience store for a month and a half back in 2007. Other than that, I get $674 in Social Security Income of which all but about $140 goes towards bills.

I'm just looking for a small grant to get a decent car for my family and me. Our current vehicle is an old Jeep that is a gas hog. I'm looking for a decent used Mazda.

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Jun 11, 2012
Vehicle for Anthony
by: Ken

Hello again,

I was thinking back to when I was a salesman in the auto industry. Go into a dealership and ask them if you could clean up their lot, clean windows, whatever. for a car instead of wages. Many of the trade ins go to auctions or the scrap yard. New car dealerships don't want anything in their lot over five years. Just ask. I don't think you will be turned down. Tell them your story.


Jun 11, 2012
Rincon project
by: Ken

Hi Anthony,

There isn't any government grants for vehicles; however, there are grants to change vehicles to become wheelchair accessible. I would suggest placing an ad on craigslist and kijiji under the want ads. You may also be able to barter with someone. You could do some yard work, painting or anything in exchange for a vehicle. You could also go to church and ask around there to see if someone has an extra car just wasting space in the driveway. But really is a car the best for you? You did mention you smashed up your Mom's car because of a seizure. I would try to think of keeping a memory book with you, so you don't miss the calls to arrange transportation. Last time was just your Mom's car, next time it could be a person, and may be totally devastating to you, your family and theirs. Not to even mention how badly you could be sued, you would never have a life. Please give this a thought.

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