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Business Grant For Disabled Veteran To Promote Health With Organic Farming

by Stanley
(Cali, Colombia)

I'm a 37-year-old veteran and married father of two young children. I did nine years of active duty in the military.

Currently 80% disabled through the Department of Veterans Affairs, I am in the process of increasing it to 100%. I am also receiving social security disability for a service-connected injury.

Medical Records are private in nature. So, I do not want to tell specifics, but it is a mental disability. I can only work in environments that do not require working with other people.

Currently, I am homeless. I am staying with my wife's family in Colombia for Christmas. In January, we are going back to the U.S. so that I can finish with my VA disability claims.

As we were getting evicted, we had to sell everything that we had including our car so that we had money to leave. My medications are paid for through the VA. I have a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.

I attempted different jobs over the years. I was in and out of the military a few times. It is difficult for my mind to stay focused. Many times, I drift off and when I come to, I try to remember what I was doing. I have a difficult time with concentration.

I am looking for a grant. In 2010, I discovered some health secrets that I want to share with people in other areas of the world. Since I have been in Colombia, I have noticed many things about their system of commerce. It is very difficult for them to attempt many of the things that people in the U.S. enjoy. So, the grant that I am looking for is to promote health in South America.

I guess that the grant that I am looking for would fall into the category of international business (non-profit perhaps).

I recently researched beefalo. There are many health benefits to eating this meat. I would like a grant to raise beefalo in South America. To do so, it requires purchasing land.

I also researched coconut oil and the health benefits associated with that product.

Online, I found a place for sale that has a 29-acre coconut plantation to supply the coconuts to produce coconut oil and other coconut products. It also has 108 acres of fenced in land for cattle. The asking price is $1.5 million.

The cost of the machines to produce the coconut oil and to have it shipped to Colombia is about $19,000, but it does not cover the cost of transporting it across the country.

I would need a livestock dog. I have priced them in the U.S. and found that I can have a male and female Great Pyrenees shipped to Bogota for between $4,200 and $5,000.

I am also interested in providing organic cage-free vegetarian feed chickens and eggs. In Colombia, chicken is a very common dish.

I can start all four of these businesses (coconut oil, beefalo, chickens, eggs) on the one property that I already mentioned. The cost of chickens is not much and the livestock dogs would protect them as well as the beefalo.

The major expense would be the cost of the land. To cover everything, I think that a $2 million grant should do the trick.

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