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Business Grant Money Will Help Disabled Man Do Home Computer Service

by Thomas Allison
(Huntsville, MO, USA)

I'm a single father who's 46 years of age. I live in Huntsville, MO, which is a small community.

I have a wonderful daughter that's 10 years of age, attends elementary in our town and has been with me since her birth.

We live in a country setting though town is just around the corner. It's a quiet and peaceful environment to live in.

Disability Issues

I have a couple of permanent disabilities that include half use of my left hand from a severe laceration as a young adult.

I don't have use of a couple of fingers on my left hand as they are sewn together. It is difficult to do many things with my left hand.

Another disability is a permanent spinal injury that I acquired while working in 1991. I blew a disc while moving a heavy concrete pad from my loader bucket.

Another individual with me also heard the disc pop. I felt an immediate sensation of discomfort and went flush. It got severely painful during that day and only got worse.

I struggled until 2002 with inflammation and severely pinched nerves, which didn't allow me to walk well when inflamed. The pain was bad. I couldn't keep a job.

I finally received disability in 2000 after filing in 1998 but it didn't amount to much due to the early age in my life that my injury occurred.

I started falling down in 2001 and my doctor scheduled me for another surgery. They cut out the herniated disc that had been pinching a nerve since 2001. I didn't get all of my feeling back, but am not in pain like I was.

I'm permanently disabled due to my spine. I now have steel rods, screws and a fusion with my hipbone. Activities are limited.

Financial Hardship

I wish I were able to go back to work. I don't get child support to help with my child and I am on a limited income.

I did start taking college courses to learn how to work on computers. I took loans out and am now on an income-based repayment, which is nothing since my income is low.

I have a full range of bills as anyone else but don't have the ability to work like everyone else.

I'm paying arrearage on child support though I couldn't even work due to my injury stopping me from walking periodically from inflammation which pinched on the nerve in my spine.

I'm at home most of the time and proudly love raising my daughter. I have the benefit that many parents don't have, that being I can spend more time with my child. I however cannot make money like the average person due to my permanent injury and that is hard.

Income Efforts

I haven't worked for many years and nobody wants to hire someone that has a spinal injury. It seems like liability is an issue.

I get a little SSI but it doesn't even amount to anything. My mother has helped out with my daughter as much as possible though she's retired and it's hard for her too. She's a great grandmother!

I wanted to work at home and tried finding programs but to no avail. So many scams out there and many require money to get started. It would be nice to try them all and find one that works!

Specific Needs

I would love to be able to find a grant to open a small business so that I could work for myself at home.

I went to school and became A+ certified by CompTIA in Computer Repair. I have spent many years learning and have applied for jobs but my disability and lack of work seems to be a problem.

It takes money to start a business and having a computer lab to be able to work in.

Business Idea

I would like to work at home being a computer technician. I'm A+ certified and have the training to run a business in this field.

I would like to do virus removal, remote support, computer diagnostics and repairs, etc., then just have people drop off their PCs to my residence where I will have a computer lab to fix them.

This will allow me to raise my child and work on PCs at home while she's in school. I wouldn't have to deal with travel.

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