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Cancer And Heart Failure Weakening Disabled Woman And Elderly Mother

by Maureen
(Mchenry, Illinois, USA)

I am 53 years old and live with my 74-year-old mother. I have never been married nor do I have children.

When my father passed away 10 years ago I moved home to help my mom who in the last 10 years has battled mouth cancer.

They removed everything but her tongue. Four years later it's breast cancer and now 2 years later it is spreading in her bones.

She purchased her home in cash before the crisis and has good credit but is out of funds to pay over $5,000 in taxes in June.

We are extremely frugal and have applied at several banks for a home equity loan and have been denied because we did not have enough revolving major credit cards.

I worked my entire life until 4 years ago when I had 2 heart attacks, 4 angioplasties, 4 stents and was diagnosed with chronic rheumatoid arthritis.

It took 2 years, but, thank the Lord I did receive disability (minimal $600 per month) and for a while food stamps.

I pay my mother $300 for rent, $100 for utilities and the rest for buses and taxis as we both are legally blind and cannot see to drive.

Last year the food stamps ended suddenly and after approximately 100 calls I still have not received a new application.

Three weeks ago I had heart surgery to implant a power point in my chest as all my veins in my body have collapsed.

I am in the hospital at least twice a month with rheumatoid arthritis flare-ups and congestive heart failure fluid around the heart where I cannot breathe.

I am on a cane and oxygen and go nowhere, except to the hospital and doctor's office.

I am on Medicaid but there is only one doctor who accepts it in my area and it is a $100 round trip one way each month.

I have nurses at the house 4 times a week to check my blood and take tests. I am getting weaker as days go by but I try to see the glass still half full.

My mother's only source of income is her Social Security check. Between the two of us we cannot make it.

Food is minimal. As stated earlier transportation is outrageous. We have $100 in savings and next month we have to pay $5,000 in house taxes.

My only frivolous item is my computer, which is 12 years old and dying slowly. It is my only communication with the outside world.

We are more than willing to take out a loan as she has all the equity in the house but no one will give her one.

We have tried to put the house up for sale to not a single response. Please, Please help us or point us in the right direction.

We need food, clothing and my mom's money is in the bank and we cannot do anything about it.

I am unable to work. I use a stick to type. I am on oxygen and my arms and legs give out constantly.

My body does not hold potassium or magnesium due to all the heart meds I am on so my heart just quivers.

I receive $670 and month from public aid and my Mom receives $130. With her cancer she is unable to work.

With the amount of bills we have this total does not cover it especially the taxes. There is no way we can pay them this year without a loan or grant.

As far as donations go, in a perfect world a used newer computer and printer that I already have would be a dream come true. Of course there is the food issue as well.

Specific needs: In order:
1. Advice
2. Grant
3. Loan
4. Food
5. Equipment around the house to make it easier for me such as a hospital table as I no longer can hold a book up.
6. We have no air conditioning and my oxygen projects so much heat I do not know how I will make it this summer.
7. Consoling.

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