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Cancer And Neuropathy Disabled Single Mom Seeks Home Buying Assistance

by Susan
(Friendswood, Texas, USA)

I am a 49-year-old single mom of five, with only two still at home. My oldest son is 15.

My youngest is 12 and autistic, with speech delay and learning disabilities.

I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2011. Prior to the diagnosis, I had been showing signs since October of 2010.

I had a cough that lasted six weeks then began to have back pain that never resolved itself.

I finally went to a clinic in May. They treated me for pneumonia. When it wouldn't clear up, I was admitted to the hospital where they found that the cancer had metastasized to my backbones.

I was uninsured so it took a few months to get on disability. I did not begin treatment until the end of August 2011 so I've been undergoing chemotherapy for six months.

It has caused neuropathy severely in my feet and slightly in my hands. I literally went from normal to bedridden in six months.

My son who is autistic has been in Friendswood Independent School District (FISD) and has done really well.

I haven't lived in the district for almost two years now and they have been very patient due to my situation, but are telling me now that I need to be in their district by next year.

I need to buy a home in FISD but without a steady job, it has been difficult to obtain a mortgage.

I have been working on rebuilding my credit so it's not too bad. I really need to move before August 2012.

My income consists of child support form two former ex-spouses, disability for myself and disability for my son.

At the moment, I am unable to work because I can't walk or drive. I hope that will change in the near future. I intend to work as soon as I am physically able.

I'm looking for help obtaining a mortgage with the income that I get now, which is child support and disability, and also help with a down payment on a home.

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