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Cancer Disabled Woman With Multiple Other Disabilities Seeks Debt Relief

by Deborah C. Burrows
(Sumter, SC, USA)

I am 56 years of age and became disabled January 31, 2007 due to numerous health problems. This has led to a debt problem for which I need relief.

I had Stage IV colon cancer in October 2001 and had six months of chemotherapy.

I tried to work during this time for the state of South Carolina with DHEC. They were very good to me. I had an accident and had to go on worker's compensation due to a back injury and no MD would help me with my back until I finished the chemo.

By then the muscles in my back and stomach were gone. I had to have a double abdominal hernia repair in 2008. I was cut four times in the abdomen in the same place and lost all muscle tone.

My stomach looks terrible and I need a scar augmentation because the day I was to go home after the colon resection the wound dehisced and I had to pack the wound for a few months.

I am in remission now but definitely need a surgery to fix my stomach. Medicare will not pay for this because they feel like it is an elective surgery but my self-esteem is gone.

I was an RN, and a very good one, but I can't tolerate exertion without oxygen (COPD) and I have to use oxygen nightly with a C-PAP.

I fall occasionally due to weak knees. I definitely need physical therapy but cannot afford the copay. I also have familial tremors and they get worse with stress.

I am also depressed. I can't take a bath because I can't get up and down from the bathtub so I need a handicap tub. I take showers but get dizzy when I do so and hypoxic so it would be nice to sit and take a bathe.

My husband's salary has been cut twice. He is self-employed. Our home is not paid for as of yet so it would be wonderful to have that stress taken down a little.

My meds cost approximately $800 monthly with an AARP drug plan. I mentioned I fall frequently and have broken my ankle and foot.

I see a GI MD, a lung MD, family MD, pain specialist, neurologist, oncologist and hematologist. Each has a copay.

I am not one to ask for help but finances are getting behind and I do not know where to go or what to do.

Also our home needs some upkeep. If we could get another set of Queen size mattresses I believe it would help my back a lot.

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