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Cancer Stricken Mother Seeks Grant Money For Garden Supply Business

by Tanya Gaumont
(Bethel, Maine, USA)

I was diagnosed with a locally advanced breast cancer at the age of 32. I am the mother of two children ages 11 and 5 and now struggle to make ends meet.

I have been in treatment for almost a year now and have had a very hard year. I had a mastectomy with axillary node dissection, which showed the cancer had spread to my nodes.

I know have precautions on my right arm, which will last for the rest of my life. I am not to carry more then 5 pounds with that arm.

I can no longer even hold my children like I used to. This also restricts what I am able to do to make money to take care of my family.

I did chemotherapy, which was dose dense for 16 cycles. I still suffer major effects from this: severe memory loss, peripheral neuropathy, severe pain in my breast and arm, nausea and vomiting.

The doctors say these may never go away. This itself makes it difficult for me to find a job that will work with me on these issues.

I also had to have open-heart surgery halfway into my chemotherapy because of a port a catheter being placed inside my chest/heart for them to administer the chemo drugs.

This catheter caused friction inside my right atrium, causing a major 5 cm blood clot in the right atrium.

They could not break it down and I was told for over a month that they believed that I had a tumor inside the heart because on scans it didn't appear to consist of what they would normally see with a blood clot.

I was admitted into the hospital several times for this and then for the final operation. I now have pain in my sternum that they say might never go away. Again this is making it hard for me to get a job.

I then finished out my last 2 months of chemo after I healed. I got a very bad case of folliculitis from the Taxol meds. I dealt with this for a long time.

I was also diagnosed with Sjogren's syndrome and Lupus while I was going through chemo.

I was told after my final chemo session that the original outlined plan for me was not going to work anymore due to the blood clot.

They would not allow me to take the anti-hormonal drug I needed being pre-menopausal because of the extremely high risk of clotting.

I was then told that in order for me to protect myself from spread was to have my ovaries removed as well as a total hysterectomy and then I would be offered a different med that was for post-menopausal women.

I just had this surgery 4 weeks ago along with another mastectomy for risk prevention. They were giving me very high odds that I could spread or get another primary in my lifetime due to my young age.

I started experiencing this major pressure cycles in my head where the pressure would build for say 1-6 minutes then release leaving me feeling light headed.

I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed me with Epilepsy or mini seizures. Again this is making it hard for anyone to want to hire me.

I still have several other tests to be done by the doctors, like a biopsy on a mole that's suspicious, but I have not had time to get it done.

I have not had a week without at least one appointment in the last year. I am tired of this consuming my life.

I have always dreamed of opening up my own garden supply store and I think this would be the right time to try.

I just can't come up with enough funds to get it started and have turned to grant seeking as I hope that some how some way someone will grant me my wish.

I really feel that because of my disabilities that I do not have much choice left.

I am almost to the point where I am ready to just apply for disability and give up on looking for work.

My family needs me and we need money as we are struggling to get by and even to put food on the table these days.

I believe that if I could get a little help to open just a small business that I have the skills and ability to run a productive store and thus be able to provide for my family and even put some money away so my children can go to college and have a chance to become productive people as well.

I feel that I have been handed the worst cards in the world, but I know someone out there has the cards I need and I hope one day my dream comes true and I can smile once again. Thank you.

Tanya Gaumont

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