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Cancer Surviving Bipolar Woman Seeks Help With Bills And Medical Needs

by Anita Metcalf
(Bakersville, North Carolina, USA)

I am a 45-year-old mother and grandmother. I live in North Carolina. I'm living with my spouse. I have two kids and one grandchild.

I can't read and write too well, maybe due to my disabilities.

Disability Issues

I lived though breast cancer. I have bipolar disorder and depressed. I have thyroid disease since I was 28.

I take eight different medications.

Financial Hardship

It's hard to buy my medications. Some month I can't buy it.

I have to get my oldest daughter to drive me to my doctor appointments.

I can't work for me hurting so bad and thinking people are talking about me.

Income Efforts

My husband gets SSD $857 a month.

We get food stamps.

Our families help something.

Specific Needs

I'm signed up for SSI. I need grant to pay my bills and medical needs.

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