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Car Accident Disabled Man Seeks Handicap Home Grant For Large Family

by Erasmo
(Othello, WA, USA)

My name is Erasmo Gutierrez III. I am a Hispanic American married to a wonderful lady named Shanda.

We have five children and are raising a nephew who is 11. His mother passed away four years ago and his father's whereabouts are unknown.

Also living in our temporary home is my grandmother who has Alzheimer's and dementia.

Our home always has revolving doors to anyone who wants to break bread.

I became disabled due to a serious vehicle accident that occurred on March 27, 2010. Here is my short story.

I'm 36 years old and disabled with many limitations. I have 20 percent use of my left arm. My right foot had a bone graft that fused it to my foot, leaving it with no rotation and a deformity. It hurts all the time.

I also have a broken sternum and dislocated ribs that are constantly shifting as I move.

My accident occurred when I lost control of my car on a road I didn't know. There was gravel on the edges of the asphalt and in some areas more than what should have been there.

All I can remember is waking up in my car in my seatbelt the next day in the worst pain ever. I had rolled my car numerous times. A gentleman had seen me over the edge and called the ambulance.

I was taken to the hospital, evaluated and diagnosed with a dislocated arm. I wasn't evaluated on my right foot for some reason.

After release, my primary physician saw me and sent me to an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed me with a fractured shoulder bone.

Despite the simple diagnosis, I couldn't move my arm for the life of me and I had a mass the size of a softball in my elbow and under my underarm.

I was also in a wheelchair and couldn't bear any weight on my right foot. I had it x-rayed and was told it was sprained.

Two months later, while still under the care of the orthopedic doctor and with no movement in my left arm, I was released to physical therapy. The therapist wouldn't accept me though, because of the way my arm looked.

I found a different orthopedic doctor and had a full rotor cuff repair and had my shoulder muscles and biceps reattached.

Due to the time frame my muscles do not function right and I have lost most of the use of my left arm.

On a follow up with the orthopedic doctor, I was given another x-ray on my foot because it had been five months and should have healed by then.

I was given the report that I had destroyed my talus bone by walking on it, which seemed okay because I was told it was a sprain.

I was sent to a foot orthopedic doctor who clearly explained that the first x-ray that was taken was distorted and couldn't be easily read.

The second x-ray was sound. I underwent bone graft surgery where they put a piece of my hip in place of the talus bone that I had ground down to nothing by walking on it.

Both the orthopedic doctors had explained to me that if all these serious injuries would have been caught on time, I would have made a 100 percent recovery.

I would have been able to work again and support my family. I was a hard-working man. Now I have to live in chronic pain and take a narcotic medicine to get me through the day when this could have all been prevented.

Becoming disabled has made my life miserable. I have become very emotional. I can no longer work to provide enough money for my family and me to live a normal life like most hard-working Americans.

I went from being a very independent man to depending on my wife to sit by my side and be my right hand man, to assist me in helping me clothe myself.

I can't enjoy teaching my only son the great values of being an athlete like wrestling, baseball and so on.

I depend on my wife to escort me around to where she had to quit her job to stay home with me. She herself takes care of my grandmother and another lady and gets paid through the state just so we can make it.

We live paycheck to paycheck even though I receive SSI disability. It seems that it's so hard to climb the ladder now and give my family the nice things that they deserve, such as a home that we can call ours.

I have struggled to get SSDI for the past two years and got an attorney and won my case but it cost a bit of money to be represented.

Now that I have so many limitations, the house that we are temporary renting isn't suitable for our needs.

We have a large family and are desperately seeking a grant or some miracle to happen to get my loving family and me into a home large enough for all of us.

The home needs to be handicapped accessible for myself, my grandmother and another disabled lady that lives with us.

The bathroom handrails in the shower are not stable and our windows are too high for someone to escape if there were to be a fire.

My family and myself are Christians who strongly serve our Lord and have been praying for a new home.

We have been blessed these past few years knowing that I survived such a tragic accident and that right afterward my wife had to leave my side for a few weeks because her mother passed away in Oklahoma.

Her mother was raising my nephew who is 11. He returned with my wife knowing his only mother figure had passed away.

One year prior to my mother-in-law passing away, my nephew's mother had also passed away. His father, who is my wife's brother, is nowhere to be found. He has abandoned his only son.

After my nephew's arrival, my wife's father shipped on down to our revolving-doors home due to his loneliness and beginning stages of dementia.

It has been a long tragic road for our family but we couldn't do it without our strong faith and our wonderful Lord.

I desperately home grant or loan of some kind or anything that can help our large family get a new home to enjoy the rest of our lives in and a place to call home and hang my hat.

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