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Car Accident Disabled Single Mom Needs Van And Power Wheelchair Grant

by Misty Newberry
(Beverly, WA, USA)

I am writing this because I need help, perhaps in the form of government grants for transportation or getting a job or any form of assistance to get my life back on track.

And it's for real I am not the type of person who likes to ask for help because I take pride in being able to do things on my own but this has really gotten me mentally and financially drained and I need help!!

I'm a 38-year-old female who got in a car accident December 13, 2008. It wasn't even a bad accident except for the fact that I am now paralyzed from the waist down due to my back being broke in 3 different places resulting in spinal cord injury, and I was only going 35 mph.

I am a single parent of two for the last 16 years. Now I am in this rut! I barely am able to pay my rent with the disability benefits I get. Welfare won’t pay for me to get a power wheelchair despite the fact that the wheelchair I have isn’t functional for the area in which I live.

I live in a rural community which is lacking in paved streets much less sidewalks. I can’t go outside because when the chair hits the dirt surface it stops so hard that it basically throws me off rudely.

It is both physically and embarrassingly painful for me. So I only go outside when it is necessary to go to the doctor, period. And then, someone has to take me. I NEED a handicap van!!!

I also feel I need some form of independence or I’m about ready to go off the deep end here. I feel I can’t breathe! I can’t work because I have no way of getting there. And also due to where I live, there are no handicap jobs. It is a small community.

Before my accident I was wanting to do volunteer work with the youth in my area but now I am restricted in my ability to do that. The desire has not changed to participate only my ability to fully participate. I've gone through an enormous change and it’s not done yet.

I really want a job. I really NEED a job. I need that stability that comes with having a job. Never would I have thought I would miss it so much. Oh and by the way, I did landscaping before my accident.

I used to do things by myself like going fishing. My kids don’t like fishing so I have to find someone to go with because I can’t go alone.

I need a wheelchair accessible vehicle to go to the store, the doctor’s, places I used to go without having to be totally dependent upon others.

I also need a power wheelchair so I can go outside and not get ejected out of my wheelchair. I need to feel some kind of independence. I need this for my own good and I don’t see anyway of me getting it.

I am desperate. This is why I’m writing this letter. I have very poor credit and with not working no one is willing to give me any loans. I know there has to be some kind of help somewhere, but I have searched high and low with no luck.

It is actually sad I never realized how badly I needed help until I actually needed serious help, and it’s just not there. I need some kind of help. I hope someone will read this and help me because I’m running out of hope quick and that’s not a good thing. Thank you for reading this and may God bless.

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Mar 24, 2012
I understand!
by: Anonymous

Hello to you and I pray for God to open doors and grant much favor to you with man. I know all too well your ordeal. I am also a single mom of three with a young daughter in a wheelchair. I am in need of a van with a lift to transport her as well. I am sorry for your challenges that you are now left to deal with but I know that God will see you through it all. I want you to be encouraged and know that you are not alone. I live in a rural area as well and know how hard it is to have the simplest need met. I will continue to watch for your progress reports!

Apr 10, 2011
With you in spirit!
by: ed page

I too know the hardships of being paralyzed. I myself was a victim of a violent crime in 2002 and was shot and have been paralyzed from the waist down since that time. I've really learned to be very independent with transferring into cars and couches and I do everything I used to do except of course for a couple things I truly miss. The states don't help much, the government is worse and I don't receive Medicaid because they say I make too much money so you just have to take a deep breath and move one step at a time forward even though sometimes it seems impossible. Feel free to contact me through comments here if you need a friend to talk with about this thing we share and maybe together we can help each other. Until then my prayers are with you because I know how hopeless things can seem and I'm rooting for ya!

Jan 01, 2010
by: Anonymous

I understand that you have 6 horses, and that you are having problems with their care?

I have 2 horses so I know how expensive they are to own. So you must go through 2 bales of hay a day, with trimming of feet and worming every 8 weeks, it must be more than you can afford in you current situation.

I would think that you would sell them to get what you need to get back on track instead of asking for handouts. You can get horses again after you are well.

Horses are considered a luxury. You are only making them suffer. So you're not likely to get much help unless it is to sell your horses or to find them other homes.

Also it would free up your life and take stress off you and make it easier for you to move away and start your therapy.

Nov 23, 2009
Keep the Faith
by: Mary


I am not in a position to help you personally, but I will Pray for you. God can help. I am sure.

You and your family will be in my prayers. Do not give up hope.

Mary Borchers

Nov 21, 2009
About the Peruvian Paso Rocky
by: Anonymous

Hi Misty, Amanda here, the one that bought the Peruvian from you back in May. I was very surprised to run into someone who knows you and hear that you are FURIOUS with me because I bought that horse and resold him for BIG money.

Nothing could be further from the truth. He is right here in my field by the house. He is not for sale and never will be. The only big money associated with him is all the money I spent on him to get him healthy again and we are still not totally there yet.

The vet has seen him. He's had his teeth floated and his sheath cleaned. He is caught up and up to date on all his vaccinations and wormings. He gets daily hands-on care and training. A certified barefoot trimmer is seeing him every 6 weeks. His horrible feet are finally starting to look more normal but have a long way to go. I got all the wire that was entangled in his mane and tail out.

He will now stand calmly in the washroom and let me hose him down and also stands nicely to be tacked up or to have his feet trimmed. You can no longer see every bone in his body and in fact he is getting a bit pudgy. He has come a very long way from where he was when I first got him.

It has cost me a ton of money to get him to this point but he is worth all of it to me. It has taken me a ton of time and handling to get him to where he is sweet and trusting and not afraid of everything. I would think you would be happy that he got a wonderful, healthy, and permanent home and has a job to do.

The horse market has bottomed out, and had you sent him to the auction in the shape he was in he would not have brought $50. If I were to try and sell him today I would be lucky to get $200 for him. Those are just the facts.

I am sorry that you are going through so much right now. I pray that you will get the power chair and service van that you need. I would love to send you photos of Rocky so you can see how well he is doing and maybe instead of being filled with misplaced hatred for me you would be thankful that a horse you are unable to care for through no fault of your own has such a good and loving and permanent home.

I hope you are not going to shut me out and if I can help you concerning the 6 horses you have left please let me know. I was thinking how cool it would be if you could get a mini that is trained to pull a cart. I know a friend who keeps one in her house. It is house broken and I have seen how they can be good service animals. I think it would be so good for you to have one; they hardly eat anything and love brushing and attention.

If you are interested I could help you find something like this. A cowgirl should always have a horse no matter what. It would be so much easier for you to have a horse like this. Well enough of this. Peace to you and I wish nothing but the best for you.

Oct 27, 2009
T7 Paraplegic
by: Anonymous

I should not even be alive. I'm in a nursing home. I was in a motorcycle accident. It was a hit and run. I have an 18-inch metal plate, two crushed vertebrae, nine broken ribs, two fractured scapula, a broken neck, brain injury and collapsed lung. I can't sit down, I've got no rehab and I'm gaining too much weight. I'm stressed and depressed and thinking suicide most all the time. I've no family and can't find any place that can take a 34-year-old.

Oct 18, 2009
Van for Power Chair
by: Anonymous

There has to be a community service for the assistance you need. I was in a car accident in March 2007 and it took a while for me to finally get a power chair. I am receiving Medicaid and temporary cash assistance from social services. I live in a town where the closest grocery store is seven miles away so I feel what you are going through.

Even though I didn't break my back, I have four herniated discs, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, and a narrowing spinal canal that shifts to the left, all in my lower back. I have a collapsed disc in my middle back, a herniated disc and narrowing in my upper back, three herniated discs, a bulging disc, three bone spurs, and narrowing and shifting in my neck.

I also have anxiety/panic disorder and fibromyalgia. I am still waiting for ways to receive a van also but people have told me that VFW (vfw.org), rotary clubs, and non-profit organizations sometimes help. Since you are in Washington, try to contact Steven Jobs (I think) from Apple Corporation. I think he lives in Washington near Seattle.

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