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Car Accident Disabled Woman Needs Dental Repair And Own Home

by Glenna Baker
(Cedar Creek, TX, USA)

I am a 51-year-old single female. I no longer have children and I just got out of a 19 year abusive relationship.

I am currently renting a small bedroom and I desperately need out.

My life has been one abuse after another. I take responsibility for the mistakes I made, but I did not deserve what people did and are doing.

I do not hate them. Instead I just feel pity and shame for them.

I lost over 200 pounds. I love the outdoors, live music, wildlife, and domestic pursuits. I even love people, reading, writing poetry, traveling, and helping others out when I am fortunately able.

Yes, I made many mistakes and will make more, but I am just as deserving of a good and peaceful life as the next person.

Disability Issues

I was in a car accident in March of 2001. I don't remember the accident but am told the car went out of control, airborne, and then wrapped around a tree.

I broke my pelvis in several places and tailbone in two places. Both of my hips were damaged, my lower back disk was damaged and two bones were broken in my upper back.

I also suffered a severe head injury and forgot 15 years of my life. I also forgot how to do many things I did before the accident, like salsa dancing.

Now I am disabled. I am unable to sit, stand, walk, run or climb for long. I was in a wheelchair for a year.

I will be in pain for the rest of my life. I have taken myself off all medication.

My teeth have rotted out and now I have several bits and pieces of the 14 teeth that are left. I don't have proper dental insurance, so I cannot afford to go to the dentist.

Financial Hardship

I have a 1988 Dodge Dynasty and it quits on me every three or four days. It is down right now and I cannot get it going again.

I am currently renting a room but it is not a healthy environment for me. There is no physical abuse, but lots of mental and emotional abuse.

I must move, but I do not have family or friends, thanks to the 19 year relationship I just left in 2011. I was kept isolated once I became disabled.

Now when I am in need, I am once again alone. I need a cane most of time but if I am shopping or going to be standing in line or walking far I need a cart.

I really need help.

Income Efforts

I receive SSD and some help from churches for food. Most places help those with families first. If they have leftovers people who are solo get the rest.

I am not able to work. I would love to work from home or take online classes to get a degree to become a private investigator.

I do not have family or friends so I have no resources.

Specific Needs

I seek help with my teeth. I was told I need to be hospitalized to have all the remaining pieces of my teeth cut out.

I asked for assistance at a facility in San Antonio, but they refused to help.

I would like grants to help me get my car fixed or purchase another old one that works.

I would prefer to live in my own place, so no one can threaten to evict me and leave me with nowhere to go.

I wish for any help I may be graciously given. Then I may pay it forward as I always do.

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