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Caregiver Brother Seeks Medications Grant For Stroke Disabled Sister

by Allen
(Lexington, NC, USA)

The person in question is my sister, Beverly, who is disabled as a result of a stroke and cerebral aneurysms.

She is divorced with one daughter who lives in Texas. Our parents are dead and except for a couple friends, we are all we have.

In 1996, Beverly had a massive stroke at 46 years of age. She had two cerebral aneurysms on the left side. One ruptured, and the doctors got the other one.

Since then, she has fallen several times and also been diagnosed with congestive failure.

She is mostly paralyzed on her right side with intermittent memory loss and slurred speech.

She receives a social security check for disability each month, but all of it goes to the assisted living home where she lives.

She has some minute insurance, but the premiums have to be paid along with numerous co-pays for prescriptions and doctor visits.

She hasn't seen a dentist in years because they don't take Medicare.

She can walk some, but mostly uses a wheelchair.

I, her brother, and power-of-attorney, have been helping all I could along with her daughter, but I lost my job last summer and am also on a fixed income.

We can no longer afford her medications and any extras she might need such as clothes, toiletries, snack food, etc.

We desperately need a grant to pay for her medications and doctor visits, especially dentists.

She has some insurance for now, but I can no longer make up the difference in co-pays and extras she might need or want.

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