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Caring Daughter Seeks Grant Funding To Transport Disabled Parents To Doctors

by Rhonda Bellamy
(Hesperia, CA, USA)

I am an only daughter caring for my disabled parents.

I am 45 years old and have one daughter. I am in a relationship, but not married.

I have three brothers who provide no help or support.

My mom is 74. She suffered a stroke 9-1/2 years ago. It left her unable to care for herself. She needs total care, is bedridden and also has Alzheimer's. She uses a wheelchair since she cannot walk.

My dad is 75 years old and suffers from Parkinson's and dementia. My dad has been suffering with his problems now a little over three years.

Both of my parents have high blood pressure and diabetes.

I am unable to work because I have no family support with my parents. I am the sole caregiver for them.

I am without transportation due to a recent car accident that totaled my car. As a result, I'm unable to get my parents to medical appointments.

I receive unemployment and my parents both receive social security.

I have tried to get help from different types of organization and nothing has come about from that.

I have even tried to turn to family for help and have gotten nothing although some have suggested that I put my parents in a nursing home.

Yes it gets hard sometimes and even overwhelming but to put them in a nursing home is not something I would even consider doing.

I am looking for someone or a organization that can fund me with a grant to get some type of transportation for my parents to go to medical appointments.

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