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Caring Man Seeks Business Grant To Make Great Senior Home Even Better

by Douglas Van Hoose
(Splendora, Texas, USA)

Seniors Home Christmas 2008

Seniors Home Christmas 2008

My name is Douglas Van Hoose. I have a great senior care home, near Houston Texas. I'm looking for a government business grant to make it even better.

There are so many of the baby boom generation needing a place to live with dignity and security.

On the other hand, there are too many people in this business just to make money and who don't care or love the people at all.

I've been to many of them, and it is obvious what their motive is… get lots of $, and use as little as possible on the seniors and the facility.

To get a stat license to run these places, you have to revamp your whole house and property and bring it up to code. This costs so much money that most people try to do it without a license.

This causes them to get closed down. Then the seniors have to find a new home, most with no family to help. They usually end up in a horrible home, because they don't know how to find the well-run facilities that are out there.

I need help getting my care home up to code, because there are so many helpless seniors out there, like our parents and grandparents who deserve a quality of life they cannot give themselves.

I take it very seriously. I genuinely LOVE them as my own family, and have the same twp ladies I started with 14 years ago, with perfect client family references.

Thanks for your time and any help you can give in getting a business grant to bring my senior home up to code. Douglas Van Hoose.

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