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Cerebral Palsy Disabled Couple Seeks Therapy Bath Or Pool Grant Money

by Kim
(Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA)

My name is Kim and I am 47 years old. I have been married to my husband for 22 years. We have no children. We have three dogs.

I have a degree in special education but "retired" early for a variety of reasons.

Disability Issues

My CP is the result of a birth injury. I am blessed to be alive.

I was told growing up that CP was not progressive. I was not told that as my body aged, the spasticity would increase.

I use a walker that I only started using about 9 years ago. I have had therapy off and on.

The best thing for my spasticity seems to be pool therapy. I am currently taking pool therapy at local providers.

Once the therapy is over, there are no real answers for what to do next.

We have a YMCA but to get to the pool, it is necessary to walk through a shower area. This makes it unsafe.

We also have very bad winters here sometimes. That makes getting out unsafe at times.

I would love to get grant money for a therapy pool for our home.

If we can't find finances for a pool, I would like to get a new shower with the step in entry and whirlpool.

This would be beneficial in decreasing muscle spasms for both of us.

My husband also has cerebral palsy and benefits from pool therapy.

Financial Hardship

I read the stories of others and feel almost guilty about asking but at the same time, if there is money out there that is designated for this sort of thing, I want to make the need known, especially since my husband and I would both benefit.

My husband is 54 and was forced to "retire" this year. We are both on SSD now.

We are purchasing our home.

Income Efforts

Our church remodeled our bathroom and our city has done some work on our home.

My husband and I are on SSDI and are blessed to have our basic needs met but can't afford these type of things.

A therapy pool would involve an addition onto our home and that would be very expensive.

Specific Needs

I am looking for grants for either a therapy pool in our home or a walk-in whirlpool shower.

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Nov 21, 2012
You Deserve A Break Today
by: Claudy

Better you than someone else. If anyone has a problem with you asking for a pool, I say let them walk in your shoes for a day! Make it a week!

Go online to benefits.gov and both you and your husband take the survey. It is a simple statistical questionnaire. You'll get a computer generated government list of federal and state agencies with the benefits you qualify for. It includes addresses and contact information. I'll bet you'll be surprised by some of the benefits you are not aware you qualify for.

If you could get your doctors or doctor to state you need or would benefit from a pool, that may help. Something tells me they just might.

Surely, you know CP foundations, non profits, and associations. If not, your local librarian can direct you, sometimes even by phone depending on your area.

So maybe you can get a pool. It's going to take a lot of calling and contracting. You can manage that. I wish for your great luck and hope it comes really soon.

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