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Cerebral Palsy Disabled Divorced Father Seeks Home Repair Grant And SSDI Help

by Johnny
(Laurens, SC, USA)

I am a 36-year-old cerebral palsy disabled divorced father.

I have one child age 12 that I am unable to see due to child support issues. I have one sister, and my mother and father are deceased

I am engaged to Sonia. We have been together for 10 years. I live with my uncle due to not being able to pay my power bill and more.

I was born with cerebral palsy. I have also been diagnosed with a brain disease and a lumbar disc disease.

I had back surgery in 2005 due to my cerebral palsy. I also have arthritis.

I applied for disability about five years ago and still I have a hard time getting it. My case is in pending ready to set date status as I hear.

I also walk with a limp due to cerebral palsy. One leg is larger and longer than the other.

I am unable to work. I have not been able to work since 2005.

I can't read and I have a hard time understanding things. My fiancée has been doing these things for me.

I am unable to live at my home because I have no income or no way to pay my bills.

My home has been broken into several times. Everything I have or had is gone.

I've done police reports but nothing has been done to help me. So I am going through that at this time.

I have no transportation and so I depend on family and friends to get me to the doctors.

Sonia pays for my medications and helps as much as she can. Some of it I get through Lilly patient assistance programs.

I own my doublewide but as I have explained I am unable to live there. It needs repairs and items replaced such as the AC unit and front door frame that was stolen and busted when my home was broken into.

It needs some inside repairs and I have no income or no way to replace these items or get them fixed.

I am unable to work and there is nothing I am able to do. As I have explained I have been trying to get my disability for five years now.

I am looking for a grant to help me get things back into place in my life and get my home fixed back up so I won't have to depend on others.

I would love to get my SSDI and be approved for this. My doctors say I will never be able to work again.

I am in Laurens disability and special needs as a client of theirs.

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