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Cerebral Palsy Disabled Kim And Mark Hubbard Inspire By Service To Others

This is the true story of the unstoppable husband and wife team of Mark and Kim Hubbard. Both have had cerebral palsy from birth.

Undaunted, they have risen above their disability and live exceptional lives in service to others.

Kim and Mark Hubbard – Loving Service to Others
Kim and Mark Hubbard – Loving Service to Others

Refused Doctors' Advice

Mark's parents refused the advice of doctors who advised placing Mark in an institution at the time of his birth in 1958. In the time since his parents refused to believe the doctor, Mark went to school and got a High School diploma.

Mark was gainfully employed from about 1977 until 2011. He has served as a Servant Leader in church and been on the Board of Directors for United Cerebral Palsy.

He met Kim at the local YMCA where they volunteered at a program for adults with more challenging disabilities than their own. They married in 1990.

Kim was born in 1965. Her future was uncertain as there was no real way to predict the extent to which her CP Would affect her life. Most expected an outcome that would always involve some degree of assistance with daily living activities.

Kim went on to graduate from college, spending some college years living alone. Upon graduating, Kim married Mark and used her degree in special education for nearly fourteen years.

Tapping With A Switch

Mark And Kim both had developmental delays. Mark walked around the age of four. Taking a different piece of advice from the medical community, his parents had Mark push a baby buggy filled with sand, as they tapped his legs with a switch. This is how he learned to walk.

Kim learned at an early age to type as a primary form of written communication, due to the fact that her hand coordination would make writing very difficult.

Speech has always been a major problem for both Kim and Mark. Mark is still mobile independently but Kim started using a walker around 2002. Because of the challenges they face. Mark and Kim decided against having children.

Mark and Kim both have "retired" from competitive employment now but continue to serve others whom they consider to have more needs than they themselves do. Both use their time to serve others as part of local outreaches.

Both On A Mission

Too often, the public perceives a speech-impaired individual as being mentally challenged as well. Expectations of those who do not know them are pretty low, generally speaking.

The Hubbards make every effort to educate others on behalf of themselves and others in similar situations, in order to end such stereotypes.

As aging has caused Mark and Kim to see some progression in their condition, further advances in medicine have brought relief for some muscle spasticity. Kim has a scooter for long distance mobility and the computer serves as a form of communication for both Mark and Kim.

A biblical-based belief system keeps Mark and Kim from allowing themselves to wallow in self-pity. They know God is sovereign and has a plan for every individual's life.

Kim's advice to others with disabilities is to make life about God and others and Mark's is to never give up.