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Cerebral Palsy Disabled Minister Seeks Grant For Nonprofit Organization

by Anthony
(Lithonia, GA, USA)

Tom, left, Anthony, right

Tom, left, Anthony, right

My name is Anthony Whisnant. Ever since I was born with Cerebral Palsy, my relationship with my parents has not been a healthy one.

I have never had any real relationship with my physical father. My relationship with my mother has always been rocky for a variety of reasons.

About eight years ago, when I was 16, I was introduced to a man by the name of Tom Sargeant. He became my one-on-one paraprofessional in the special education program at my high school.

We were only together for six weeks due to me leaving for another school, but Tom had a profound impact on my life.

I knew there was something different and special about him compared to everyone else, the moment I met him. After I left that high school Tom and I remained in contact and developed a very close friendship.

As I have gotten to know Tom over the years, I just naturally began looking at him as my father that I never had. Nobody has loved me as unconditionally as he has, nor have they spoken wisdom into my life as he has.

The biggest difference Tom’s influence on me has made is in my spirituality. Before I met Tom, I was FAR from God. Now that I have grown in my relationship with Tom, I have dramatically grown in my relationship with God. I STILL have a LONG way to go, but a lot has changed in my life over the years.

Since my and Tom’s relationship with God has grown over the years, we want to partner together to form a nonprofit organization that sells Christian gifts in order to support medical, ministry and social organizations of ALL kinds.

This will be good for me because I have always had an entrepreneurial mind about business, but have not had the opportunity until now to do something about it.

We need money to cover a variety of costs such as Web development, graphic design fees, legal fees, governmental fees and initial inventory.

Personally, I need the finances in order to have some independence when it comes to my living situation, as it relates to rent, food and personal care. This is what I intend to do with the money that I make from the business.

Since it takes money to make money, we need the support of grants because neither Tom nor I are not in a position to afford a loan.

Anthony Whisnant
Lithonia, GA

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Aug 20, 2010
by: Mr. B.

Anthony - I hope things are going well for you!

Sorry to contact like this, but haven't seen you anywhere else. Ran across your poems this evening. They're still good.

Search Facebook for Bullabaugh. I'm not hard to find. Peace. 'B'

Mar 14, 2010
Need a DUNS number ....
by: Katina

Do you know what type of non-profit organization you want to manage? There are several types of not for profit business entities: Charitable, Corporation, other. See:


Create a small website/ become an associate member to places like Amazon, eBay, or Kontera.

Use ClickBank for ads on your website, or to upload publications to raise funds.

Network by contacting local churches and other businesses in your area and ask them to help you do a fundraiser in the community to get some start up funds.

Contact local colleges/universities and inquire about programs such as: Service Learning, Internship, and Volunteer/Community Service Initiatives.

Additional Tips: PLAN, PLAN, and when you think your PLAN is 100% PERFECT, submit your business plan to an expert and ask them for their feedback. Chances are something needs revising.

Becoming and maintaining a not-for-profit organization is all about fund raising. One funding source this month may go bankrupt the next, or have to pull back on funding due to cutbacks or the progress your organization makes.

Think outside the box. What hasn't been done yet? For the business type you?re creating? Think of all the ways you can earn money while not losing track of "why" you decided to create the non-profit in the first place.

Send the link of your posting here to everyone you know, with a note that ask them to forward it to as many people as possible.

With a positive attitude and proper planning you can create a successful non-profit organization, one that can earn you a good income, while at the same time provide a benefit to the community. Good luck and God bless your organization!

Sincerely, Katina M. Woodruff
Grants writer in training!

Feb 28, 2010
Small Business Administration (SBA)
by: PAUL

Try the SBA. They don't offer grants, but they do have loans and other services for small business. Best of luck with your project. Paul

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