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Cerebral Palsy Disabled Twin Sisters Need Grant Money For Handicap Home

by Casey
(Woodlynne NJ, USA)

I'm a 22-year-old single woman living with my parents and four sisters. I have no kids.

I don't have a disability as much as my dear twin sisters Kareena and Kaniece do. They are 21 years of age.

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All their life they have struggled with a debilitating case of severe cerebral palsy. Both are spastic quadriplegic.

They cannot walk, talk or do anything for themselves. Both also have a severe case of scoliosis. They need total care.

All my life, my family and I have taken part in caring of their needs and wants without a lot of help and resources.

My mom is also disabled, so she is limited in what she can do to help my sisters.

We live in a home where we can't lift them upstairs because they are too heavy, so their cribs/beds are in the dining room.

We can't take them to school because they are too heavy to get out of the house. It has steep steps.

My mom and dad argue a lot about the future care of them because neither can agree what's best. My twin sisters are permanently disabled.

Our house it isn't equipped for them, so my twin sisters live in our dining room.

We have an access link to take them places but it's difficult to get them out of the house. My dad can't much lift them anymore due to back disc problems.

My dad has applied to Section 8 and they denied us.

We have looked into ranch homes, but we can't afford one. We pay very high rent.

We have a limited amount of finances. I go to work and school. My dad does flea market selling. My mom and my sisters are on disability.

We all try to pull together. My dad works tirelessly throughout the week with no breaks.

We our looking for advice, resources and benefits… anything that could help make life easy for my sisters who haven't had it easy.

We would like to find a home health aid agency that accepts their insurance also (Medicaid).

A single story ranch house would be accommodating to their needs. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

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May 09, 2012
Nothing New in Jersey!
by: Ken

Hi Casey,

It is the government's policy, in my opinion to deny all Section 8 applications. You should apply to appeal the decision. Perhaps you can get a consultation from a disability lawyer. I have searched for quite some time on your situation and it has been a challenge, but I do believe that the following link will help:


There are advocacy groups and specific grants that are available on this site. You will just have to take some time and go through it. Follow the links provided, as there are several. It is really terrible that so many have to search so hard for help.

Sometimes a Church group knows of these issues and may be of help as well. Get in contact with your local politician as well. Write a heartfelt and precise letter, and go over it well again and again. Try to explain everything that you have tried and that you need help. Be very honest and earnest. They will look at it as a need in their area and not just someone complaining. It is a hard road, I know.

Take care and God Bless,

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