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Cerebral Palsy Disabled Wheelchaired Man Seeks Gift Basket Business Grant Money

by Evan Yacovone
(Morrisville, Vermont, USA)

I am a 26-year-old cerebral palsy disabled single man. I live with my parents. My brother lives next door.

I'm taken care of by my family and by Personal Care Assistants that come in the morning and wake me up.

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I have a nighttime care assistant, too. I use a voice program to do work on my computer.

My disability is cerebral palsy. I also have a visual depth perception problem. I was born with it. It happened when I was a baby. I couldn't get air to my brain. Since then I've been in a wheelchair.

I have to get cortisone shots in my knee and my hip because I have pain in my knee and my hip from my cerebral palsy, and from sitting in a wheelchair my whole life.

Cerebral palsy is a neurological problem. I sometimes shake. I have a hard time picking things up or using my hands. And I have something called spasticity because of CP. I'm officially disabled and always will be.

Even though I have a new van, I need funding to get gas for my Care Assistants to take me places, such as work and medical appointments.

I have recently gone self-managed and I'm looking for paying work. I'd like to start my own business, but it would require startup costs.

I want an action track wheelchair for work purposes, for moving stuff and hauling stuff, since I can't use my hands well!

I volunteer at a farm and I get paid in vegetables. My job is to wash and dry eggs, bag and price peas.

I also do Meals on Wheels and they give me a meal. I do get SSDI.

I don't have a paying job right now. I used to have a paying job but I don't anymore, because it's hard to keep a paying job with my cerebral palsy, and that I need an assistant to do most jobs with.

I am mainly looking for a grant to start my own business.

I am also looking for money to get an action track wheelchair and for money for some new winter tires to help me with my business.

I am interested in taking a business class!

My business idea is to start my own gift basket business. I'd like to use recycled baskets and Mason jars. I'd put in candy, popcorn, coffee and tea, perhaps some other local items, too.

I'd like to sell my baskets online and at craft fairs. My Personal Care Assistants would help me manage it and my family would, too. It might take $10,000 to start up.

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Jul 28, 2012
Don't give up
by: George

I am always glad to see someone handicapped wanting to better himself. It will be hard for you to start a business as your helpers and family will have to do most of the work. Profits will be small and it will take several years before it takes off. There are several companies in Vermont that do the same thing you propose. Don't give up though, as it may take off for you. I do suggest you pray, read a bible and go to church. That will ease your mind and GOD may see you get what you want.

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