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Cerebral Vasculitis Disabled Woman Seeks Grant For Online Education

by Shelia
(Humble, Texas, USA)

Last year I almost died from a very rare disease called cerebral vasculitis. It causes inflammation in the brain.

It happened two days after my birthday. I was having bad headaches and talking crazy my family said. I didn't sleep for four days.

I was swollen up like a 400-pound lady twice my size. My mother told me that it looked as though I was dying in her arms and no one could tell her what was wrong with her child.

My mother stayed by my side some days hungry and unable to pay for parking at Memorial Herman. It was told to me that I slept for over three months not knowing what was the cause of my sudden illness.

I finally woke up and was moved around to several places, some good and one bad. This particular bad nursing home neglected me. Sometimes I wouldn't even get any water. I would have to wait for hours to get changed or change my own self.

It was hard being away from my son and daughter looking different, talking and walking different as well but I was so grateful to God for giving me another chance.

Many of my classmates and old friends and also church members were praying for me. As well, an Internet nationwide prayer went out for me.

I went to another rehab where most of the people there were Christians.

I started walking immediately, especially when I gave my life back to him and forgave my mother for the past I was holding on to.

Now we have the best relationship ever I can't stop telling her how much I love and appreciate her.

God start manifesting my gift in me at the rehab center. Now I'm walking and I got my memory back, but my left leg is still giving me a little problem.

That's why I need money for school to continue my education online because my doctor doesn't want me to drive right now.

So if you feel in your heart to help me and my family in any kind of way it would be appreciated and may God bless you.The bible say give and it shall be given unto to you threefold.

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Dec 22, 2012
Find your benefits...
by: Don from Accessible.org


You'll want to check out benefits.gov.

It's a legitimate government site with a handy tool called the Benefit Finder.

All you have to do is answer a few (non-personal) questions. Based on the information you provide, it will generate a list of benefit programs for which you are eligible.

The list contains program details and contact information, so all you have to do after that is follow up on the lead.


You'll be surprised at what you're eligible for.

Don from Accessible.org

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