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Cervical Dystonia Disabled Single Mom Needs Grant For Another Set Of Hands

by Tammy Weiss
(Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA)

I am 38 and a single disabled mom of two ages 11 and 12. I don't have family that helps us.

I have cervical dystonia. It's a neurological disorder that causes your head to turn. My head is stuck to the left and my neck is crooked. I also have head tremors which cause my head to shake a lot and then cause headaches.

This started from my job working with the phone stuck on my shoulder in my neck while doing data entry.

I haven't found a lawyer I can afford for a workers comp case.

I also have arthritis now in my neck, shoulders and spine and fibromyalgia. I suffer with horrible migraines too.

I have chronic pain in my neck, shoulders and back. I had one shoulder surgery that wasn't successful. I am bedridden mostly.

Since I have chronic pain and limited mobility, I am unable to keep up with housework, chores and teaching my kids. I can't plan; I'm just living day to day.

My insurance doesn't cover massage therapy and I can't afford the out-of-pocket expenses for this treatment for the muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders.

I have several outstanding bills I can't pay. I've been denied food share benefits and I'm unsure why.

I can't easily watch my kids playing outside. I'm concerned for their safety as there are a lot of drugs in our neighborhood.

I was accepted for SSDI at $1035 a month, but I receive no help with rent.

The rent assistance programs have ten-year waiting lists and the low-income housing units are in drug infested and gang areas.

My church is aware of my circumstances but has not helped. I went to another church that said they were going to see about what they could put together to help and I haven't heard back from them.

I'm disputing with my insurance carrier because they're not paying and I need a lawyer.

I need in-home care to help with house chores and the kids.

A positive male mentor for my son would be a blessing since their dad isn't helping. I need help with school costs, food and clothing.

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Apr 13, 2012
Troubles in Milwaukee
by: Ken

Hello Tammy,

Do you get child support? You had mentioned that you don't get any help from the children's father. Here is an address of a firm that gives you a free consultation:


They may work with you on a contingency basis. Reading on the subject, I found that most articles can't say what causes Cervical Dystonia, but I did find one that spoke of chromosome 18p and familial torticollis.

So I believe that the insurance companies will be looking for the chromosome 18p in your history. Beware of these insurance lawyers; they are ruthless. The more evidence of cause you can collect before you have your free consultation the better off you will be. I wish you luck in your pursuit of justice. Try this address for some information on treatments:



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