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Child Support And Disability Legal Advice For Divorced Disabled Single Mother

by Mikel
(Clearwater, FL, USA)

I am a 47-year-old single divorced mother with two minor children, ages 8 and 15.

I am disabled with severe Asthma and cannot work consistently. I'm seeking help with child support and disability claims.

My 15-year-old daughter has asthma, scoliosis and a cyst in her brain. She experiences frequent headaches and dizziness on a daily basis and requires trips to the neurologist, MRIs and monitoring for changes.

I have filed for disability but have not received it for her yet. She is with Hospital Homebound Education in Pinellas County, Florida, which allows her to take her classes online for high school.

Florida is in the process of getting a Child Support order for my daughters. I must be available to take her to doctor appointments and gas is a necessity to do so, but I cannot afford it at times.

I have given up my own personal time and life to focus on my children, so I do this alone.

My 8 year old appears to have asthma also. We all three have allergies. The asthma is unpredictable and has caused me to miss work in the past, making me unreliable and inconsistent as an employee.

I have a nebulizer, which I carry with me. I have to go to the Emergency Room at times with severe asthma attacks. This is depressing and frightening for me.

I have filed for disability and am in the process of having it reconsidered. My daughter's disability is also being reconsidered.

Their father is not involved with my daughter's health issues and has requested that we not bother him with health issues.

My daughters and I are facing eviction due to inability to pay the rent. I have had difficulty paying for the electricity.

I have lost my job due to my asthma issues and my daughter's health issues. She is most important and I must take care of her and my 8 year old.

My daughter's neurologist is in St. Petersburg along with an orthopedic specialist (we just found out she has scoliosis also). I cannot afford the gas to even make the appointments at times.

Both of my daughters and I use nebulizers which require Albuterol. We all three have inhalers for asthma and take allergy medication.

We go to a food bank once a month. We receive food stamps but not enough. I have filed for child support through Florida and I am currently waiting for them to get me a wage-attached order.

I sing and play guitar and I would like to be able to play out for money, but this field is very competitive and requires a following and marketing/promoting ability.

I have approached a church for help with my electricity bill. I recently tried to get rental assistance from local organizations, but was told they are out of money.

Once I am receiving proper Child Support and Disability for my daughter, this will make our financial situation a little better.

I do not have any family that we can move in with so we will be left homeless eventually. Any attempts I have made to get their father involved have failed.

Legal advice is helpful. Having enough gas money and money to pay the rent is necessary.

I have tried to go to St. Petersburg College to learn more skills, but my circumstances have not allowed me to pursue this so I am stuck where I am.

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