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Child Support Legal Help For Divorced Abandoned Disabled Single Mother

by Jessica
(Mesa, Arizona, USA)

Me with my beautiful daughters

Me with my beautiful daughters

I am a 36-year-old mother divorced and abandoned by my ex-husband who took away my two beautiful children, aged 18 and 13 in 2009.

He left me with all the trouble and an eviction. I have since then been homeless because I chose to disconnect myself from our friends.

After he moved in with his new wife his home was raided and my children were in the home at the time. I am devastated for them.

I was with this man since I was 16 years old and married 13 years. He was the sole provider for the last few years of our marriage.

Then I was left alone with no food, furniture, not even shampoo. I love my children. They are my everything. Even the counselor at my daughter's school said I should have custody, looking at his criminal record.

I never get to see my kids. He won't follow court orders and likes my kids to be mean and talk down to me.

I feel I have no rights because I am homeless.

The Social security office said I have been disabled since 2000, and owed money from 2008.

I have had lymphoma for 17 years. The lumps in my neck are very painful and hard as rock. When I put pressure and rub them it feels good.

I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr virus at the same time as the cancer. I have matted nodes up and down my neck.

I have had chronic migraines almost all my life, and I have lost a lot of good jobs because of them.

It hurts all the way up the back of neck and behind my eyes. Sometimes I get sick to my stomach. They last for days.

I was in a terrible car wreck July 1, 2008. I am lucky to be alive. This was 100 percent not my fault.

I later found out I was hit by a rental truck and my ex-husband had covered the insurance on the F-150 his friend was driving.

My ex-husband abandoned me shortly after the wreck right before I was to get knee surgery. It was crushed in wreck.

I now have neuropathy in my lower extremities. I have never had back problems until this happened.

My legs go like jelly sometimes when they fall asleep. They ache a lot. I cannot sit too long or stand to long. I get dizzy and have had seizures since the wreck.

My doctor just did an EVG on me to see if I have a head injury. I also had to go through a brain scan. They found a piece of metal in my neck close to the spine. Nobody knows how it got there, but my doctor said no surgery on my neck because of the cancer.

I am very tired all the time. Maybe it's depression. I also have high anxiety and panic attacks. Maybe I am suffering something like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

I actually think I am very strong. I have been through so much and still have a great mind. I stay positive even though I am terrified.

The court is to determine custody of my 13 year old. I don't have a home, and she is up for foster care. I cannot lose my baby girl.

I have been looking for a part-time job that doesn't require lifting or standing too long.

I did get a lawyer for disability, but it's taking a lot longer then I thought. I really need some help. I pray that I finally found the right Web site with ability-mission.org.

I am staying with a transitional homeless shelter called I-Help. We stay at different churches each night for safety reasons.

I have no money. They cut off my access to health insurance. My meds are $20-$30 a piece.

I cannot go to the doctors now, because I have no vehicle. I had to give it up to get an apartment fast when my oldest daughter called and told me her dad was going to put her head through a wall.

I'd rather walk and ride the bus any day. Nobody is going to abuse my children if I can help it.

We lost our apartment because I was unable to work, so I made sure to move her into a very safe home. I believe they are suffering from mental abuse.

The Judge awarded me support and my ex hasn't paid a dime to me. Getting my daughter back is more important than his money though.

I take Diazepam as prescribed three times a day, Carisoprodol at night when I have a lot of pain, and Vicodin in the day when needed. But it just doesn't seem strong enough for the constant pain.

I take Albuterol for asthma, and I used to go get a shot of Toradol from my doctor when I couldn't handle the migraines, usually after the third day.

I take Flonase for allergies. Sometimes I get very dizzy and nauseous, so I sit down and breathe deeply. That never happened till the car wreck.

Because my ex-husband had too much to hide from me, I am now hurt for life. He should be in prison. I don't understand it all.

It took me a couple years to come out of denial and get my documents together. I just spoke with Geico insurance yesterday to make sure I was reading the docs right, and sure enough the man on the phone was even in shock.

I am now scared of my ex. He smashed into me with his truck after the divorce while my youngest daughter was in his truck. Hardship? I think so.

The divorce judge said if my ex is hiding any homes or property that was bought during the marriage it will be awarded to me in its entirety.

We think he is lying. I have not found anything. He re-routed my mail so many times I never made it to the evidence trial, due to returned mail every time there was a court date.

This has to get better. I am too good of a person to be put through this abuse, and my kids are way too smart. My 13 year old even said she thinks her dad had something to do with the wreck.

Imagine what my poor kids have gone through. I think they take his side because he buys them everything and they're also scared of him after seeing the things he did to their mommy!

The churches feed us and donate for us to get things like our driver's license, necessities, bus passes.

I am trying so hard to get a job, so my little girl and I can be safe and I can teach her how to live the right way… not drugs and violence.

I applied for SSI. It takes too long. If I don't get help or a job fast I will not get custody of my daughter and she needs her mommy so bad.

I would be ever so grateful for any help my girls and I can get.

I used to be addicted to drugs a year ago but I am proud to say I am now clean and sober. Thank God!

I will never ever go back down that road ever! Life is too short to be on drugs.

I am being honest although I am not proud of that part. It's now very embarrassing, but I know there is no drug that makes me feel as happy as I am when I am with my daughters.

I will not give up my kids for drugs. I now look back and realize how stupid I was to even mess with drugs. I lost a lot of respect from my family and my kids.

I am so proud of my kids. They are so very smart and they don't do drugs and I can bet they never will.

I really need and would appreciate any help you can provide please! I have to help myself and others will help me.

I am praying I am writing to the right place, and that it's not a scam. It's so hard to find help.

I would love to be able to start my own business. If I could I would open an indoor hula hoop center, with yoga and a pool, and health food with smoothies.

I would teach people of all ages how to stay fit and keep that blood flowing. It's great for the body, mind and soul.

I can really do some neat things with my hula hoop and it's the only time I feel like a star! Sounds crazy but I love it!

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