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Chronic Pain Disabled Self Helper Seeks Government Grant For Wheelchair Van

by Self Helper
(Las Vegas, NV, USA)

I have been a provider of housing for 12 years. That industry is now on life support along with me.

I have worked as a self-employed person as a result of an upper body disability that I learned to accommodate by myself.

First, I was sure that if you cannot raise your fork to eat with your hand, you could use your foot. This type of creativity is only one aspect of my ability to take responsibility for myself.

Many other types of adaptations can be used such as using momentum and leverage to gain arm mobility. The second is management of my chronic pain, and knowing how to prepare for the future.

Just recently I discovered that my disability was not just upper body, but lower body too. So this means a new set of challenges.

Gratefully, many before me have already prepared the way so that I can use a wheelchair and other assistive devises that enable me independence.

Not having any family that can assist me I turned to the Internet for education, and resources to continue my journey in life that has proved to help so many already.

The difficulty is that when you have not prepared and get caught off guard you have an immediate need without the immediate resources.

My car will not transport my chair. Without a car I cannot work. Without work I cannot pay for my modest condo. Without my condo I have no place to go.

Any information about a reasonably priced wheelchair van, or work exchange or grant that can provide me with emergency resources can be repaid forward, or back to you as agreed.

I need transportation to work and can repay the request. Thank you in advance.

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