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Chronic Pain Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Wheelchair Minivan

by Kay Monaghan
(Cantonment, FL, USA)

My Grandson and I

My Grandson and I

I am 51 years of age, disabled, and live alone in a rural area. I am living on SSI disability of less than $700 per month.

I am in need of a grant for, or donation of, a wheelchair minivan. I would prefer it to be a minivan because of gas prices and I already have to drive so far to get anywhere from where I live.

I have been searching for years for the help I need. I finally got an electric wheelchair during the Christmas holidays in 2009. An angel from Freecycle Network (www.freecycle.org) donated it to me.

I am still trying to get a battery for it. Medicaid will cover it if I can find someone who will sell me one. I never dreamed that would be so difficult.

Once I do get the battery though, I will still have no way to transport it. I need to be able to use it when I go anywhere. I cannot go anywhere that doesn't supply a scooter or wheelchair, and that is just about anywhere but grocery shopping and hospital.

There are so many functions and family outings I have missed because I couldn't do the walking. I am secluded way out here in the farm district, and other than a very few instances, I am always alone. I have depression, and spending so much time alone makes it all the worse.

Besides depression, I deal with chronic pain on a daily basis for which I take three different pain medications. I had a spinal fusion for scoliosis, nine disks fused in my upper back and my lower back and I still have scoliosis.

I have arthritis and degenerative disk disease. The arthritis and scoliosis in my lower back causes sciatic pain that shoots through my legs when trying to walk.

In my neck I have a herniated disk and problems with the nerves causing pain and numbness in my left arm and hand, and stinging in my fingertips. I also was born with a heart defect, and had open-heart surgery when I was six years old.

I had always helped my family when they were in need, when I was still capable of doing so. When my sister lost her husband I stayed and helped with her three small children, helped her get her driver's license, arrange for the funeral, took her to church and back, grocery shopping, emotional support and more.

When my Mother was diagnosed with cancer a few years back she came to stay with me. I cared for her, took her to chemo and radiation, looked after her, made sure she ate properly, and gave her emotional support. She went through so much. She has been cancer free for more than 5 years now!

My son, his wife, and my grandson stayed with me through his 1st year of life. My nephew stayed for about two years, until he graduated and went to boot camp. He's a Chief Petty Officer now, I am so proud of him! My brother just lost his house in a fire. It is currently being demolished. He is staying with me until he gets back on his feet.

I have always been independent, always been the one to help my family, I'm now working on getting the help I need... for my own self. If you can help me, or know of someone who can, it would make such a difference in my life!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Blessings all!

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