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CIDP Disabled Man Seeks Government Grant Money For Jewelry Business

by Jim Greene
(Longview, Texas, USA)

I have been making some jewelry, small stuff like earrings and they are selling. I'm not asking a lot for them, only $1 to $1.50.

They do sell and I charge $2.60 for shipping. Sometimes I make $2 profit and other times maybe 50 cents.

I have started buying some sterling silver jewelry from China and Hong Kong and sell a little of it and it does pretty well. I sold four pieces and made $30 to $40 on each piece.

I am disabled with what they call CIDP (Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy). The nerves in my body are dying. It started in the legs and now it's up to my knees and it is in my left hand up to elbow and right hand.

You hurt most all the time. It's hard to move and stand, so working making earrings and some necklaces and buying, taking pictures and listing the items on the Web, is something I can do.

It doesn't hurt as bad as trying to do something when standing up or moving around a lot, and it's something when get tired I can stop, rest and pick it up later to finish. Plus with it being on the Web, it sells itself. I do not have to be watching it all the time like at a store.

I draw $1,260 a month so trying to help pay bills etc. There's not much left to invest in a business but what I have invested is getting a return on it and every little bit helps pay the bills.

I will start Medicare this month and get some help on medications in March. I have not been to a doctor and getting my meds like I should, because the insurance and money was not there.

But with help coming soon with Medicare it will help a lot and if could get a small grant to invest and get some inventory and start my own website, I could really get this thing up to were it would really be something.

I was in sales for over 25 years and I handled marketing, sales and advertizing, so I know something about selling a product.

The jewelry and lady's handbags items are new to me but have already seen where low-priced items and little higher end products work. Everything in the middle of the price range just doesn't work.

If you think about it, in these days and times, people have a little to purchase a little to make them fell good.

Folks with a lot of money still have some and in these days and times, the buying public has either a little or was not hurt a whole lot. They still can splurge a little.

So I have a good product and idea, but not the cash to invest, do some advertizing, get my own website and put the product on more selling websites to where it would really start selling. Thank you for your time.

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Sep 18, 2011
CIDP encouragement
by: Joe

I have had CIDP for half of my life, I'm 31 now and also self-employed. I fear my future as I age. Stay moving when possible. Heated pool seems to be best. Newtons law.... an object in motion stays in motion. I wish you the best and let me know if there are any grants!

Feb 08, 2010
Needs Help
by: Anonymous

I know what it's like to have this nerve problem. Just the idea of trying with the pain and putting food on the table... this must be very hard.

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