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Consumer Credit Counselors That Honestly Help The Disabled

Do honest consumer credit counselors really exist? Are debt relief programs for the disabled available? Or will you just get ripped off and end up even deeper in debt?

Our site visitors are people with disabilities, often in dire financial straits. If you're a disabled person, can you get help with credit card debt?

Yes! You CAN get honest-to-goodness consumer credit counseling. And credit card debt solutions do exist, as long as you know where to look. Let's start by seeing what the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has to say.

Many credit counseling organizations are nonprofit and work with you to solve your financial problems. But beware – just because an organization says it is "nonprofit" doesn't guarantee that its services are free or affordable, or that its services are legitimate. In fact, some credit counseling organizations charge high fees, some of which may be hidden, or urge consumers to make "voluntary" contributions that cause them to fall deeper into debt.
Most consumer credit counselors offer services through local offices, the Internet, or on the telephone. If possible, find an organization that offers in-person counseling. Many universities, military bases, credit unions, housing authorities, and branches of the U.S. Cooperative Extension Service operate nonprofit credit counseling programs. Your financial institution, local consumer protection agency, and friends and family also may be good sources of information and referrals.

So, finding consumer credit counselors and getting help with credit card debt is a real possibility. For your own financial security and safety, we urge you to follow the FTC's advice to avoid nasty surprises. Please view this FTC video completely before proceeding.

There are many companies offering debt relief. Please follow the FTC's recommendations to be absolutely sure you choose a legitimate one. Read on to learn how...

How To Get Started


Getting consumer credit help, for example to settle your credit card debt, is actually fairly simple.

But although it's simple, it's not easy. It's like building a brick wall. It's simple to lay one brick after another, but it's not such easy work!

Anyone who's tried has the sore back as proof!

And you don't need to be a Philadelphia lawyer with a sweeping knowledge of debt collection laws.

You just need to follow the very clear FTC guidelines.

Start by asking potential consumer credit counselors these questions:

What services do you offer? (Look for an organization that offers a range of services, including budget counseling, and savings and debt management classes. Avoid organizations that push a debt management plan (DMP) as your only option before they spend a significant amount of time analyzing your financial situation.)
Do you offer information? Are educational materials available for free? (Avoid organizations that charge for information.)
In addition to helping me solve my immediate problem, will you help me develop a plan for avoiding problems in the future?
What are your fees? Are there set-up and/or monthly fees? (Get a specific price quote in writing.)
What if I can't afford to pay your fees or make contributions? (If an organization won't help you because you can't afford to pay, look elsewhere for help.)
Will I have a formal written agreement or contract with you? (Don't sign anything without reading it first. Make sure all verbal promises are in writing.)
Are you licensed to offer your services in my state?
What are the qualifications of your consumer credit counselors? Are they accredited or certified by an outside organization? If so, by whom? If not, how are they trained? (Try to use an organization whose counselors are trained by a non-affiliated party.)
What assurance do I have that information about me, including my address, phone number, and financial information, will be kept confidential and secure?
How are your employees compensated? Are they paid more if I sign up for certain services, if I pay a fee, or if I make a contribution to your organization? (If the answer is yes, consider it a red flag and go elsewhere for help.)

If you owe creditors money, remember that you are protected in dealing with debt collectors by the federal law called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Does Money Grow On Trees?


We all know that money doesn't grow on trees. Strangely enough though, many of us act otherwise. Viable credit card debt solutions do indeed exist, but harvesting a money tree is not one of them!

Hello! Wake up! Some effort is needed and even if it's just a little, many people get discouraged and give up. DON'T GIVE UP. Get professional help with credit card debt by working with consumer credit counselors with a proven track record.

It's not hard. Follow our solid, practical debt management advice on reducing credit card debt.

Before you know it, you'll find yourself in the comforting, capable hands of the best of the consumer credit counselors.

The choice is yours. You can choose to look for credit card debt solutions entirely on your own and put in days, weeks, and even months of frustrating and unrewarding effort.

And then you might even give up after having wasted all that time and energy, possibly ending up even deeper in debt. OR YOU CAN BE SMART and kiss your credit card debt problems goodbye once and for all.

You CAN get experienced, professional guidance by working with one of the consumer credit counseling services that FTC recommends. Read on. You won't be disappointed.

Our Top Recommendation

Of all the consumer credit counselors, there are endless numbers of fakes clamoring to get you in their clutches. The one and only recommendation we can safely make is to follow the FTC guidelines.

The FTC is there for your protection. Follow their advice and imagine the soothing reassurance you'll feel when you've found the credit card debt solutions that will REALLY help you.

You'll still have your work cut out for you, though, especially if you're faced with a debt management plan. Here's the thing though. You've got nothing to lose by taking that first step.

There's no financial risk in contacting a consumer credit counseling service and quizzing them about their services. Just be sure that you get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

The good ones have already helped countless folks in dire financial straits. They can help YOU! Check them out now! There's no financial risk or obligation, especially to window-shop.

There IS one huge risk, though. If you fail to take action now toward your credit card debt relief solution, your financial problems will only get worse. Do the right thing! And do it now!

Speaking of action, we have one other recommendation for you and that is to get your story in writing, using our free editing service. If you really want to get out of debt...

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