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COPD Disabled Veteran Seeks Grant Money For Training And Home Business

by Dennis
(Pottsville, PA, USA)

I am a 62-year-old Veteran of the USCG. I served from 1968 to 1972.

I am divorced and have five children, a son who is single 28 living in Spokane, WA, a daughter age 25 who is married living in Pittsburg, PA, a daughter age 21 who is single living in Collegeville, PA, a daughter age 20 who lives with me and attends college while working, and a son age 18 who graduated with honors from high school in June 2011 and is living with his stepbrother in Pottstown, PA.

I have COPD. COPD is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. I cannot perform any physical activity that is even somewhat strenuous because I cannot breathe.

It was diagnosed in 2007 and has grown worse. I now go to the VA hospital in Lebanon, PA where they have evaluated my COPD as stage IV, the most severe stage.

I am taking seven to ten medications every day for control of the disease and some relief of the symptoms.

My biggest problem is shortness of breath to the point of passing out upon any exertion whatsoever.

Therefore I am limited to tasks that are sedentary or low body stress by nature and/or design such as using the computer, watching TV, cooking, basically any task I can perform while sitting.

To further complicate matters I am subject to edema of the lower extremities due to poor circulation and chronic bursitis of the knees, which inhibits my ability to walk. Cold weather seems to increase the frequency of the bursitis attacks.

My financial status is poor. I went into severe debt while waiting to obtain my Social Security Disability.

During this time frame I had zero income and had to utilize credit cards, food banks, charity, and free medical services to survive.

Subsequently I am now in a position with very bad credit, many unpaid bills and low income.

I do not own a vehicle and my daughter does all the driving and shopping for me.

I cannot perform on a job at my old career as a project manager or as an OTR trucker because of the physical demands of the job and getting back and forth to work.

Furthermore, I have to use a nebulizer machine several times a day. It's a noisy operation and this would be disruptive in the workplace environment.

My only income currently is Social Security Disability. I support my daughter, pay rent, buy food and pay all utilities.

I could work from home but I do not have any money in savings nor do I have a credit rating high enough to get a loan from a bank.

I have been researching work at home ideas and accessing them for income potential and impact on my body.

I am seeking a combination business and educational grant or loan to obtain the training I need to go into business as a Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant.


Establish a VBA (Virtual Bankruptcy Assistant) business operating from my home serving attorneys and enhancing their practice and income.


With the changes in the new bankruptcy law, the bankruptcy petition is no longer considered a data entry job. Instead, the bankruptcy petition is now at the heart of any bankruptcy practice. Therefore, drafting a well-detailed petition is a high-level skill that now requires professional training that VBAs have.

Some attorneys turn away bankruptcy cases every day due to the changes in the new bankruptcy law. With a trained virtual bankruptcy assistant, the process is minimized for the attorney and the law firm profits are increased.

The only difference is that VBAs work from home instead of physically in the law firm. VBAs take care of the everyday tasks, which allow the attorney more time to grow and expand his/her practice.

If you have an Internet connection, it doesn't matter where your VBA is located. All communication is electronic.

Utilizing VBAs, debtor bankruptcy attorneys can increase their current hourly fee by 400%. VBAs normally have several attorney clients they serve.

They often earn a higher income compared to working as an employee, which is why the majority of VBAs are highly professional, organized and knowledgeable.

The VBA and attorney both benefit financially. It's a WIN/WIN situation.

Because VBAs work from their home office with fewer interruptions, they usually have more time to provide attorneys with a higher level of detail that saves law firms thousands of dollars as well as mistakes that grow into huge problems.

Some VBAs provide you with the option of calling into a telephone number, recording your dictation and the VBA retrieves the audio for transcribing.

Completed documents are returned to you in MS Word format so you can tweak them before filing. Most paralegals are amazed with how VBAs relieve their heavy workload.

In fact, VBAs are not taking the place of paralegals and your other office staff; they are providing an excellent support base for the entire law firm.

VBAs can be located in any state and still have access to electronic court records to conduct criminal record searches to ensure there are no additional debts the client has not revealed.

They also can be located in any state to draft a bankruptcy petition since the Federal Forms and Schedules are the same in every state.


Provide VBA services to attorneys nationwide.

Projected Costs:

VBA Training - $1,600 (includes certification exam)
Bankruptcy Software -$1,100
Desktop Computer System - $1,200
Background/Credit Service - $600/year
High Speed Internet - $30/month
Laser Printer - $600
Web Site Marketing Tools and Page Maker - $50
Office Supplies - $60
Telephone Service - $60/month
ISP - $12/month
Marketing Costs - $500/year

Projected Sales:

Typical VBA charge is $100/hour. Estimated annual income is

1st Year - $52,000
2nd Year - $76,000
3rd Year - $105,000


Business would be a one-person owner/operator.

Place of Operation:

Home office in Pennsylvania serving the 50 US states, Puerto Rico, and America Samoa.

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