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Couple Needs Help For Perfect Marriage Turned Into Medical And Financial Disaster

by Dina & Ryan Cooper
(Burlington, Ontario, Canada)

Happier Times?

Happier Times?

My perfect marriage was true to perfect at the time. But after just one year four months into our bliss, I started feeling really ill. The first sign was a rash, and then stopped periods, feeling very sleepy and sometimes not being able to breathe.

Because we both agreed to have a family, I started doing paperwork for benefits for health. I also got off my birth control pills, but after two weeks I started feeling really sick.

So my husband said let's send in the paperwork now, and then took me to doctor. The doctor said it's the flu and to go home with meds. A week and some later, my husband rushed me to the hospital again. Once more they said, go home there's nothing wrong with you.

One more time my husband rushed me to the hospital only for them to say that it's pneumonia and to go home with meds. My husband never gave up, hoping my doctor could help. She sent me out for tests, to a biopsy test.

On New Years Day 2003, we found out that I had cancer stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma. It happened so fast, I had no time to think. I started getting treatment at age 24 still hoping for a family and asked the doctor to make sure it's going to be still fine.

I've been in remission now for six years and I'm still left with nothing. I may never have children. I'm entering menopause at age 25 with other problems.

Never did anyone help us. I worked as a Nanny so I lost benefits after using them for chemo seven times. They stopped me from getting their help calling me up at home saying I lied. I never lied. Things just happened to fast and strangely.

No government helped us with money. Creditors called us all the time for money. My husband who is one year younger worked to support everything, but all people did is question his love for me, because he was never in treatments with me.

He lost our home, too, almost claiming bankruptcy, and living with my parents a couple of times and using their finances away to pay our meds and creditors.

My story does not end yet. My husband fell very ill after I was in remission two years or so. My Husband has Crohn's disease for the rest of his life with high expenses of $5,000 for infusions every two weeks. That cost is mostly covered but we still pay $100 out of our own pockets, at least for now.

The main thing is never having money for anything at all. I really don't understand myself after all the drama, but now I keep losing jobs over telling the truth about my illness.

I'm told that my speech is not right when dealing with parents getting mad. I have also been fired for forgetting a lot. I have only worked in day care, but forget things out of the field too.

My doctor gives me more depression pills and says find another job. Both my husband and I know that's not going to help me remember things. I'm so depressed from being fired for being me to sick and forgetting things.

Please can someone help us out or tell us what to do? We both live in our first home and need help financially so we're not always stressing about money all the time or asking my parents for help.

I want more than anything to pay back my parents over $10,000 and still have money for us to live. Dina and Ryan.

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