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CP Disabled 39 Year Old Woman Seeks Grant Money For Independent Life

by Dawn Wilbrandt
(Poplar Grove, Illinois, USA)

I am a 39-year-old woman born with cerebral palsy. I'm looking for government grant money to help me gain an independent life.

Recently I was divorced from the man I was married to for 11 years. It took me that long to realize that he was doing nothing for me, or for our relationship.

During the time I was married I held two different jobs and received my disability benefits and yet he never worked one day. So, I knew the time had come for big changes in my life.

A friend has opened my eyes to the world around me. His biggest saying is that it's not that I have and live with a disability but it's the people around me who think of me as disabled.

Sure there are things I cannot do, so I need help but I am still trying to carry my own responsibility in this world. I feel I have a lot to offer even if society doesn't see it that way.

My ex and his dad paid my bills… or so I thought. Now I have reached the point where I need help or I am going to lose all that I have accomplished.

I will lose my home and my vehicle along with everything else if I cannot find some type of help.

I am not at all blaming others for what I should have looked after myself, but I was in love and believed the people that were in my life.

I just don't understand how others can take advantage of those less fortunate.

Thank you for listening to some of my story. Any government grant money or other sources of help you could point me to will be much appreciated.

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