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CP Disabled Single Mother Seeks Government Grant Money To Restart Life

by Chere Brown
(Winnetka, CA, USA)

My name is Chere Brown. I am 37-year-old single disabled mother with my 10-year-old son, Devonj'a.

We live in Winnetka, California in a low-income apartment building.

I was born with cerebral palsy. It's a disorder that affects muscles tones, movement and motor skills such as: walking and running. I did not start walking until I was 3 years old.

Cerebral palsy also leads to other conditions like learning disabilities and seizures. I had a lot of seizures and four surgeries by the age of 12. I no longer have any seizures.

Cerebral palsy is a non-progressive but not unchanging disorder and there is no cure.

I'm a single mother on a fixed income raising my son on my own. My son's dad has passed away.

It can be hard financially and spiritually. But my son means the world to me, and I am trying to do my best to take care of him.

Losing his dad is very hard for the both of us. The cost of living in California makes it very expensive to live in. It's a financial hardship.

I am looking for a government grant to move from California to Las Vegas, Nevada to rebuild and start a new life in a place were it's more affordable to live.

My son and myself really need a fresh new start. Thank you for pointing us to any resources that might help us.

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