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CP Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money To Buy New Handicapped Van

by Kay Cumnock
(Mesquite, Texas, USA)

I have Cerebral Palsy. Since last December, I have been without transportation and have had to rely on the generosity of family and friends to go anywhere.

I have been out of the house a total of six times since January mostly for doctor’s appointments.

The local state agencies that could assist me in getting a new van have been treating me like a ping-pong ball, pushing me back and forth between them.

The first organization requires that I have a job and make a certain amount of money if they are going to help me.

How am I going to get a job without transportation? I asked for help getting a home-based job since I have no transportation, but they have yet to help with that.

The second does not require anything but they cannot help me until maybe next spring.

If I were to get a grant, I would buy a new, handicapped van. Then I would work on being able to drive the van myself and then get a job.

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