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Crohn Disabled Father Seeks Grant Money For Medical Expenses

by Cole Manley
(Springfield, MO, USA)

My name is Cole Manley, I am a father to two beautiful children and am married.

I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease three years ago. When I was first diagnosed they didn't know what was wrong with me. I spent two weeks in the hospital; they thought I had the flu.

I lost 30 lbs in one week and felt like I was dying. Finally the diagnosis was made and medicine was given. I was sent home, as there was nothing they could do at that time since my colon was three times what it should be.

I went home and made it one day before I went back with a fever that was 103.5 degrees. I found out that I had three abscesses that needed to be surgically removed.

They scheduled the surgery and took out the abscesses. I left feeling a little better and having two stents inserted into my rectum.

Two days later I was still not feeling well and had a boil surface on my leg. While I was in the hospital I picked up the MRSA staph infection. I was treated for this and after a couple of weeks was doing better.

I went two years taking twelve pills a day: 9 Colazal and 4 Imuran (immunosuppressant). I was getting depressed and tired all the time due to the medication and lack of results.

The doctor wanted to put me on either Remicade or Humira. I chose the path of Remicade to start with trying to find an answer to send me into remission.

I have been on Remicade for one year now and have seen improvements but not to where I want to be.

The small improvements have come at a large cost. The mark up on the medication is substantial. We carry good insurance through a group health plan with my work.

They have taken care of the reasonable and customary charge but the mark up is left up to us to cover (difference of $1800 per treatment).

I am taking a treatment every other month so this is a lot of money each year above our normal deductible amount. The hospital only tells us to get loans and have pointed us to a few grants but we have been denied since we carry insurance.

I am trying to get into Pharmacy school but this is all but impossible due to the hospital bills.

Going through Pharmacy school would be tough enough but I would be unable to continue to work full time and no insurance company would consider me unless it was through a group health plan.

So on top of being depressed about my disease it is also depressing, as there is no help out there to let me better myself or improve life for my family.

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