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Crohns Disabled 19 Year Old Man Seeks Transportation Grant Money

by Kevin Hunter
(Lancaster, CA, USA)

My name is Kevin Hunter. I am a 19-year-old male of African descent. I need help with transportation to doctor appointments.

I have no wife or kids but someday I hope to have all these wonderful joys that come with life.

My goal of being able to achieve all these things has been slightly diminished do to an unexpected turn of events in my senior year of high school when I was diagnosed with something that nearly took my life.

In the middle of my senior year in high school something completely uncalled for happened to me.

I started to come down with a disease known as Crohn's disease, which is an inflammation of the intestines.

Before I could actually find out that I had Crohn's disease I was basically stuck in limbo. My insurance could not get me to the right doctors I needed to diagnose me.

In the whole year of 2010 I could not walk and I could hardly move and every single day of that year was filled with agonizing pain in my stomach and legs.

Everything that has come with Crohn's has changed my life entirely. I will have to undergo two hip replacements. This could have easily been prevented if I had only received the help I needed earlier.

Walking for me is very painful. And so is going from a sitting position to a standing position. At the moment I am waiting to have surgery on my hips to receive replacements.

Life at home has been very difficult for me. Things that I was able to do when I was healthy are no longer possible considering my condition.

If I ever need to go anywhere I do not have any means of transporting myself, especially when I have to go to my doctor appointments.

Asking other people for help and relying on them instead of myself really concerns me. Sometimes the people I rely on talk down to me because I ask for their help.

I take two medications, which are Humira for Crohn's disease and Vicodin for the control of my pain.

Taking medications at such an early age bothers me and sometimes it can really make me sorrowful because I'm not as healthy as I used to be.

The Humira for my Crohn's is important to me because it what honestly keeps my body from how it was before.

But taking narcotics like Vicodin really gives me an uncomfortable helpless feeling inside.

Currently I am unable to work or earn any income for myself. I am receiving SSI for my disability but even with this it is hard to survive and cope with things.

My goal is to hopefully earn a benefit or a grant that could help me get transportation for myself.

Each and every time I ask for help whether it be from relatives or friends it gets harder to do the essential things that I need to survive.

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