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Dad With Back Pain Dad Seeks Disability Grant Money To Avoid Losing Home

by Derek Ciabaszewski
(Putnam, CT, USA)

I am a 42-year-old male with a wife and kids. I was on unemployment for nearly two years due to my company being bought out then closed down.

I was just barely keeping up with my bills until the unemployment rate fell below the state's allowable unemployment percentage. I had to stop paying certain bills to be able to make my mortgage payments out of my savings.

I do have a new job now but it pays a lot less. And soon I may have to go for back surgery and this short-term disability is not going to cover my bills.

I am afraid of losing my home and don't know what else to do.

Disability Issues

The doctors think I have a herniated disc and are waiting for the results of my MRI.

I am not sure what more to write here as I am a laborer and don't understand if it is not in layman's terms.

But it could also be the pain medication making me find it harder to understand.

Financial Hardship

My home is not worth what I paid for it back in 2001 but yet my taxes and utilities keep going up. Gas prices here in Connecticut are higher than neighboring states Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

My new job I started out making $5.74 less an hour before the new purchasers shut down my company.

These meds I am on right now are not cheap.

My wife also was unemployed for about a year and a half and could only find a part-time job at minimum wage. It only pays for her gas to get back and forth to work and some groceries.

We have to go to a local food bank to help us with food and still are not getting enough through that.

Income Efforts

I try to pick up any scrap metal I can find to turn in for extra cash.

With my back problems at the moment I can just barely work my 40-hour job. I have been missing work from time to time because sometimes I can't even roll over to get out of bed the pain is so bad.

Specific Needs

I am seeking anything to help with my mortgage or any other bills. I just can't seem to stay afloat any longer.

My savings are gone and I no longer have a 401K. I am out of options at the moment and can't bear to see my home taken away from my family.

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