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Daughter Seeks Accessible Vehicle Grant For Courageous Disabled Mother

by Cindy Goad
(Middletown, IN, USA)

I'm writing on behalf of my mother. She has had to struggle all her life. After finally divorcing her very abusive husband, she managed to raise six kids, and go back to school.

My mother then worked with the physically and mentally challenged. She then had to have open-heart surgery. At that time they put in three stents as well and did a triple bypass.

However, the wire in her ribcage broke before she left the hospital. It took two years before a doctor would fix it due to diabetes.

But during those two years she found the strength to return to work with her ribcage causing severe pain whenever she had to lift a client.

After open-heart surgery she was in and out of the hospital for numerous reasons, but the most drastic was eventually losing both of her legs. She has been this way for about two years now and once again has managed to have remarkable strength.

Even though she is in a wheelchair and has no legs, she was determined not to let it get in her way of living life. She does all her own housework, and bathes herself, but she is limited in how much she can get out to do shopping.

This is the one way that she feels like she is limited in enjoying the last years of her life. The only way she can go to church is in the summer when she rides her chair down to the church.

It is just too hard for her to get in and out of a regular vehicle. She is in desperate need of a wheelchair accessible vehicle of some sort. She has limited income and is in need of help of any kind.

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