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Daughter Seeks Government Grant For Single Mother With Disabled Kids

by Latonia D. Jackson
(Memphis, TN, USA)

My brother and me

My brother and me

My name is Latonia Jackson. I am a 31-year-old female who has only seen my mother struggle. My mother, Dorothy Beloch, is the mother of three.

Of her three children I am the only one that does not have a mental disability. I guess you can call me the lucky one.

I look as my mother as being the strongest woman in the world. Not only has she cared for two disabled kids but also she took on the responsibility of caring for her physically disabled sister when my grandmother passed.

She's the survivor of a physically abusive marriage and still standing with her head up high. The reason for this letter is to help me provide her with as much help for her as I can.

My mom is not the type to ask for help but she prays to God daily to send her a miracle. She pays her bills on time and provides a roof for my aunt and brother.

Due to my brother's disability she hasn't been able to work in years. I do what I can to help out around the house but there never seems to be enough money for basic living.

She receives $160 in food stamps monthly and my aunt and brother receive SSI. I just want to see my mom smile for once. All I've seen her do is struggle.

I mean some of us are barely making it with what we get paid on our jobs but this woman has managed to survive. My father left our life when I was nine and he hasn't looked back since.

She's never received child support for any of us. If you knew my brother you would love him. He's the apple of my eye. He can't talk nor can he do much for himself without assistance.

He looks forward to seeing my face every weekend. My mom has no idea I'm doing this but I know she would approve of any assistance she can get.

It's hard raising a physically and mentally disabled person. She has never had home healthcare for either of them.

Soon this responsibility will be mine because the truth is my mom won't be around forever. I've accepted that.

If you are reading this and willing to help me learn more about getting federal grants for disabled people, please contact me. Please send a helping hand to help my family. God bless. Latonia Jackson.

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