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Daughter Seeks Grant Money To Visit Or Care For Blind Disabled Mother

by Alicia Castle
(Commerce, Georgia, USA)

I am Alicia Castle, a 28-year-old woman living in Northeast Georgia Mountains.

I am originally from California, where ALL my family lives with the exception of my mother who recently moved to Washington with her Cuban boyfriend.

I am married and have been for a little over a year and a half now. I have been together with the same man for over 10 years though, and we a beautiful 6 month old son, Mason. He is my only child.

I have not served in the military but would like to one day perhaps. I am currently un-employed but I am a student.

My husband works but he only makes $10 an hour, so we are in a position to do absolutely nothing.

I am not disabled; my mother is. She is blind, but she was not born blind. When I was 12 she got a disease, Cryptococcal Meningitis and it hit her hard.

After 2 weeks of seizures she finally had a stroke at the age of 36 and was in and out of hospitals for almost two years.

Finally she got to the point where she didn't need to be in the hospital but she was not well enough to stay at home, so they put her in a convalescent home.

At the home, she could get the care she needed because we were a poor family and could not afford a caregiver to give her the medical attention she needed.

At that point she could still see, and one day, maybe four or five months into her stay she went to bed and woke up blind.

It was not fully blind at first; at first she could still see flashes of light and she said it was dark grey not pitch black. Now it is pitch black and she has no chance of ever seeing again.

I was 14 when she went blind, my older sister was 16 and my younger brother was 11.

Finally when she did come home, the family roles got reversed and instead of mommy taking care of her children, we had to take care of her.

My father's mother would come over and help take care of us, but my mom could no longer work and my dad had to get an honorable discharge from the Naval Reserve because he was needed at home.

My mother basically went crazy for a while and was in and out of mental hospitals, constantly injuring herself (to this day I am amazed she is not dead, inventing outlandish stories about my dad and us and the neighborhood kids.

She was a nurse's assistant when she got sick and was going to school to become a nurse. Talk about a low blow.

She was on a lot of different medication, I cannot recall all of them but she took 5 or 6 different pills every day for a long while.

Finally she started to get SSI or SSA checks and that helped pay the bills but we still struggled.

We did have a care person come live with us at one point but my mom did not like or get along with her.

She did get a few different pieces of equipment to help her with day-to-day life, like a little buzzer to put on cups so she did not over fill them, a phone with huge numbers on it so she could dial out, a potty chair with handles on it, a cassette player for audio books and a walking cane.

She was no longer able to work because there are not many if any jobs out there for blind crazy people.

To this day I believe she still gets her SSI and SSA but it is under $1,000 a month, I think. I'm not totally sure of the number.

She did go to a school for the blind at one time but I got conflicting stories from my mother and her mother (with whom she was living at the time) as to why she stopped attending.

The reason I am asking for assistance is because I need to get back to California where my family is and where I am closer to my mom.

I am currently enrolled in school, working on a bachelor's degree in business.

I made a promise to my mom that one day when I was able to she could come live with me and I would help take care of her. I am the only child of hers that is even willing to consider the thought.

I have been stuck in Georgia too long and I have only seen my mother one time in the past 8 years. I miss and need her.

She already has a granddaughter she does not see at all and it is not fair to keep her grandson from ever getting the chance to meet his grandmother, my mother.

I need a grant to help pay off my student loans so I will be able financially to help my mother.

If that is not attainable, then I would need a grant to be able to buy a home large enough for my mother and my family to live in so I do not have to worry about her safety any more.

Or If I can even get a grant to give to her to help her get a better quality of life because she deserves better than what she has got, and it is not much.

I have many more details if this is of any interest to anyone. Please I need someone's help. I cannot do this on my own.

I do not have a business idea other than trying to found an organization dedicated to personal well-being and psychological development of visually impaired people.

I know something like that to get a good start on would cost around $100,000 or more.

There would need to be a facility to be built or rented, people to run it, utility costs, employment research and development and psychologists and things of that nature.

Please, Please, Please, if there is anyone out there that can help, will you?

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Sep 09, 2011
I don't think the government has the grant money.
by: Ken

Dear Alicia,

You are the only one that can help yourself. I have an idea for you though. Set yourself up in a house/office cleaning business. Wherever you are, get a website built. Call it AC Cleaner's, not just your initials but you could use the phrase, it's not just clean it's "Adorably Clean."

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You can get a friend to help you and charge $45 per hour for a two-hour minimum. I would pay my partner $12.50 an hour to keep them and you can also pick a good worker for that wage. Make sure you know them; you don't want theft! Check out our site. Type in "Kamloops house cleaning" in Google. We are SGS Cleaners. We don't show up number one anymore, but some are just Google ads and don't even have anything to do with the Kamloops area. Hope this helps, you can do it anywhere. It works. You do a great job and you will be getting referrals like mad.

Good luck, I hope this advice helps. Let me know.

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