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Daughter Seeks Resident Status Legal Help To Get SSI For Stroke Disabled Father

by Lorena
(Fort Hood, TX, USA)

I am a proud Army spouse with a great supportive husband and three wonderful kids.

I currently live in Fort Hood, Texas and soon to move back home to Las Cruces, New Mexico due to a family emergency.

I have an Associate's degree and I'm working on a Bachelors Degree from New Mexico State University.

This story is on behalf of my loving father who has resided in Las Cruces, New Mexico for thirty and counting years.

Now 61, all his life he's been a devoted father always willing to give without expecting something in return.

Throughout his life living in the United States, he has established a home for his family of nine sons/daughters and supported a few to earn a college degree.

He is well known in our hometown and has missed graduations and trips due to his resident status.

My siblings and I have been struck with the tragedy of our father getting a massive stroke in mid December 2011.

He has lost complete mobility of his right body side, has no speech, is not able to eat orally, has a feeding tube through abdominal, has a draining tube from gall bladder, and needs blood transfusion for strength.

He will be released mid-January 2012 because he needs long-term care and there are no rehabilitation facilities in the area that offer inpatient status.

We are left with taking him home in an unstable condition and caring for him. We can get home health assistance as long as we can make the monthly payment.

All my siblings are working and have bills as well some have their own families to care for. Every one will do what they can to pitch in.

My father's home is not handicap friendly, nor we will have the necessary equipment to care for him.

With no handicap vehicle, we have no way of transporting him unless we pay a taxi service, which we cannot afford since we will be paying for everything he needs out of our own pocket.

The hospital will be releasing him with minimal medications and treatments because he has no insurance and doesn't qualify for Medicaid.

The family is saddened by my father's situation, and we're all distressed that we might have to start selling our assets so my father can receive the best care.

I was fortunate to find a local clinic that will provide up to one year of prescriptions as long as they have the medications in their inventory.

We were able to get a bed, wheelchair and bathing seat loaned on a need basis, along with free adult diapers from close friends of my father.

The reason I want to move back home is to relieve stress tensions within my siblings and find work.

I have already started calling around nearby cities to see if they have subsidies for rehabilitation. They don't have any at the moment. One gives a discount on the usual day rate.

I have started to look online for grants, but all in vain so far. I am desperately looking for any type of benefits and grants geared towards stroke victims or disabled individuals.

My main thing is being able to provide my dearest father with proper inpatient care.

My father has paid into his social security but is unable to retrieve anything due to his resident status, so SSI legal aid could either help and/or provide advice.

I along with siblings would appreciate any type of counseling and support groups that deal with stroke.

What would help a great deal and lift most stress would be a lawyer who can provide assistance and/or advice in getting him permanent resident status.

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Jan 05, 2012
Status Law
by: Ken

Hi Lorena,

Here is an address that may help you, just copy and paste it to your browser:


They say they have free legal advice. In today's economic times you may have to wait awhile for answers. But, give it a try, can't hurt.

Happy New Year and Good Luck,

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