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Deaf Comedy Writer Needs Grant Money For Club Business In Booming Hometown

by Samuel R. Cox
(Austin, Texas, USA)

I am 63 years old, divorced and single. I have three sons: Jason, Jesse and Louk.

Jason is 44 and has a 13-year-old son with autism.

Jesse is 20 and recently graduated from bootcamp in Great Lakes IL July 27 and is now in Pensacola Florida as a Navy Airman and is in training as a rescue swimmer for The US Navy. He is following in the footsteps of my older brother Tommy Glen Cox who retired after an illness he suffered while in service in the US Navy during the Korean conflict. Tommy Passed away 10 years from kidney failure.

My youngest son Louk Anton Cox has been admitted to The University Of Texas School Of Music in their Jazz program.

I am a professional comedy writer who began in 1986 as a freelance contributor to Jay Leno when he took over for Johnny Carson as Tonight Show host.

I have been teaching standup comedy writing and performing in professional comedy clubs in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Amsterdam, Germany and Vancouver Canada for 28 years.

Many well known standup comedians began their careers with me in my business Comedy Gym including: Seth Rogen, Jimmy Roulette, Greg Warren, Donna Lee, Shayla Rivera, Lucas Molandes, Vicki Shaw, Dean Lewis Matt Willis, and BET star and favorite Shucky Ducky.

I am profoundly deaf and received SSDI. In October of 2011, I received cochlear implant surgery in my right ear. I will have my left ear surgery later in 2012. I continue to work part-time as a teacher giving private instruction.

I hope that when I have my left ear surgery I will be able to hear more clearly. I began going deaf after contracting three life-threatening infections following transplant surgery in October of 2007. I received a donated liver and kidney.

I still walk with a cane because damage to my inner ear has affected my balance. I still walk for exercise and drive daily.

I have moved to Wildflower Terrace apartments, federal housing for people 55+. I drive my own vehicle, which is paid for.

I take several medications daily. The most important one is Rapamune, an anti-rejection medication. I also take medication for high blood pressure and water retention and a host of vitamins and minerals.

I went to my semiannual checkup at the Transplant Clinic at University Hospital in San Antonio this past Friday July 20th. They reviewed blood work drawn on July 18 and said that the results were all good for my transplanted liver and kidney.

I receive SSDI of $807 per month. I work part-time as a private teacher and make approximately $100 a week.

I have sought and received assistance from DARS such as a tuition waiver. I have attended community college for four classes since 2010 and I am enrolled in another class that will begin in August 2012.

I need to draw up a new will. I need to complete my living will and DNR. I would appreciate counseling from The Agency On Aging. I often need help completing paperwork including employment applications.

I live in a booming new neighborhood in Austin Texas called Mueller. There is new construction in every direction.

I would like a grant to start my own business.

If I had my own business I could hold several different kinds of classes and workshops and produce performances there as well.

I want to open my own comedy nightclub where I can sell food and beverages, hold Comedy Gym classes, produce live performances, offer classes in improvisation comedy, sketch comedy, and produce live music to augment my entertainment package.

My youngest son is first chair tenor sax in the All City, All State and All Region Jazz bands. He and one of his three bands would provide entertainment while crowds are seated, in intermissions and as the feature act on some nights.

My comedy club business would serve beer and wine and fast food such as nachos and hamburgers, sandwiches and fries.

I have used Facebook ads for my class and I have intermittent advertisements in The Austin Chronicle newspaper. I would also have advertisements in The Austin American Statesman and radio advertisements on the comedy channel.

I am in the process of obtaining a producer's card with the local public access channel, Channel Austin so I could broadcast comedy shows, interviews and classes. I need money to pay for a producer's card and take classes in production, editing and camera work.

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