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Debt Relief Help For Parents Of Neonatal Herpes Disabled Daughter

by Kristin Weeks
(Winterset, IA, USA)

My daughter, Audrey, was diagnosed with neonatal herpes after her birth. She received it while in the womb.

I thought it was only possible that it could be passed during time of delivery if there was an active lesion.

However I had a C-section at 30 weeks of gestation and she was covered with blisters when she was born.

She spent 60 days in the neonatal intensive care unit where she was treated with an antiviral medication and also an anti-seizure medication.

She also suffers from tremors whenever she is being stimulated. Neurologists said there is significant brain damage. About 50% of her brain is fluid filled cysts and the other 50% is severely damaged.

It is really difficult to deal with the fact that I can never actually tell if she is in pain or wants/needs something because Audrey never cries.

She is fed through her g-tube every four hours during the day and on a continuous eight-hour feed at night.

Audrey has been through a lot of distress from her condition and would benefit from all day care from me, her mother.

I have not worked since Audrey has been home and have been caring for her and her three older brothers, ages one and a half to four.

Audrey's dad works a regular 40 hours a week but it never seems to be enough to get by and we keep getting further and further behind on bills and not having adequate money to get enough groceries at the end of the week.

Government grant money would help us get by until we could save enough to get on our feet again.

Audrey is such a special little girl and has taught us so much about life during all of our hardships and I'm sure she isn't done yet.

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