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Decorated Vietnam Vet Needs Debt Relief And Business Startup Grant Money

by Larry Anderson
(St. Bonifacius, MN, USA)

I am a 65-year-old father of a son and daughter and grandfather of two granddaughters and five grandsons.

My son is wonderful father, carpenter and owner of a home business. My daughter great mom and teacher and is very devoted to her family.

I was married in 1971, separated from my ex-wife in 2009 and divorced in 2010.

I served as a Military Policeman and Criminal Investigator in Vietnam 1969-70 and an Army Reservist (Mortars - Section Sergeant) from 1982 to 1994.

I was awarded two National Defense Medals (Vietnam and Gulf Wars), Meritorious Service Medal and two Army Commendation Medals (Brigade Mortar Sergeant) numerous Army Achievement Medals, as well as nine various medals and ribbons for Army and Reserve Service.

I have a print narrative of my Vietnam War experiences that I can digitize and send if requested.

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Disability Issues

I returned from overseas and recognized I was a fundamentally different person who exhibited symptoms that later became identified and recognized as signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

At the time however, and over decades, my response was to cope as best I could, using many addictive behaviors until I experienced a total shutdown of the rational part of my mind.

At the time, I was supervising special education services in all regards in six rural school districts. With the loss of my mental faculties, I was medically retired at age 55.

When I was permitted to return to work, I tried carpentry. At first it seemed to go well but the PTSD symptoms recurred and I was medically and permanently retired at age 60.

Financial Hardship

After the divorce, the PTSD rapidly escalated and in that condition I made many bad financial decisions. These resulted in losing banking privileges, being homeless for 11 months, having my car repossessed and wandering aimlessly around the state.

All this time I was deeply affected by PTSD issues including deep depression and anxiety attacks and such severe mental distress as to be out of touch with reality and requiring medical attention.

The crucial outcome was the loss of my excellent credit rating to now being categorized as bad. In turn, leases and a loan to purchase a car were denied.

Income Efforts

I've applied for about a dozen jobs, failing in all situations because of poor credit rating.

I did seek assistance from family but knew none had any exceptional resources.

I searched online for many home-based businesses but always lacked start-up capital. Several were looking to be successful ventures, but no capital joined with a credit rating that blocked ALL loan attempts resulted in utter failure.

Being unknown in the communities, blocked acquiring personal loans from individuals, groups and churches, I did not think grants would be available or possible so this is my first attempt.

Specific Needs

I need to reestablish a good credit rating. To do so, I will have to significantly reduce/eliminate my debt, $80,000. About $65,000 of this debt was incurred shortly before my divorce.

My then wife wanted the house to be low-maintenance as retirement neared. She refused to sign home equity loan papers and the least stressful solution to me was to use credit cards.

I obtained two high limit cards totaling $65,000 to purchase materials and do the work myself. I reshingled the house, replaced siding with a permanent no maintenance product and replaced all windows with high insulation values.

I built a 24x24 addition as per her desires, installed wood flooring throughout most of the house and repainted most interior walls.

Two decks and a "back porch" were added as well as extensive landscaping. I had sensed the marriage was heading for trouble and did this work as an attempt to salvage it. All debt is in default and in collection procedures.

Business Idea

My son and I have a patentable idea for a search and rescue (SAR) device. Funds are needed to obtain the patent and market for manufacturing and sales of the SAR.

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