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Degenerative Disk Disease Disabled Single Mom Seeks Home Grant For Family Care

by Melissa
(Versailles, Missouri, USA)

I am a 44-year-old disabled single mother, separated after 23 years of marriage.

I have my mother and brother both disabled living on the property with me.

My grandchildren ages 7 and 8 are also in my care. Both have Attention Hyperactivity Disorder Disease and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.

I also have a daughter living with me who is 22 going on 12. She is slow.

I am unable to find my actual disability papers. I have been disabled since about 2000.

I have six disks in my back, seven disks in my neck and both hips that are degenerating. My condition worsens as time goes on.

I am on a lifetime 10 pound weight limit and am supposed to recline every two hours for an hour.

My disability is permanent with no hopes of reversal. I am not a candidate for surgery. My disability is 100 percent.

My condition worsens constantly affecting more joints and disks as time goes on.

I also have problems with my blood work. I have high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I'm currently on medication for both.

I am also showing higher than normal blood sugars in my latest test. All three point to chronic kidney disease.

My ex-spouse left us in an unsuitable living environment. My mother only has two working electric plugs and no sewer, insulation or inside walls.

Four of us are on medication that we cannot afford. Currently we have transportation, but owe money on all cars and have no way to take care of the payments.

I am court ordered to provide transportation to and from visits for my grandchildren. Prior to my spouse leaving, my car was refinanced to install a wood-burning furnace. It was not installed correctly and is mostly useless.

Our current incomes do not cover our basic needs and will not cover additional work needed to make the homes or property livable.

We also have high prescription costs for three adults. I have seven teeth that need extracting. I have been to the dentist and a specialist is required to remove them.

I have been quoted in the past that it could be as much as $60,000 per tooth depending on the problems associated with removal.

I have almost died because of blood poisoning due to my teeth and was told it is necessary to have them removed as soon as possible. I am unable to get coverage to assist in removal.

I am currently receiving disability and have been since about December of 2005.

I have tried to do online surveys for money but am not qualified for most of them due to financial limits or marital status.

I am unable to work a job. I am new to being in a bad situation and unsure where to get help.

We are trying to raise chickens for meat and eggs but have to build a shelter suitable for them. We also have rabbits for meat.

We are also trying to plant some garden. Due to illness and medication, none of us is able to physically stand the heat to do much outside.

I am in need of help to clean up our property to make it safe for everyone, and to make our residence safe for children and mother.

I also need help with the grieving process from losing a spouse of 23 years.

I also need medical help to be healthy enough to care for the grandchildren.

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