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Depressed Lupus Disabled Nurse Seeks Debt Relieving Government Grant Money

by Michele
(Willis, Virginia, USA)

I am a 42-year-old disabled nurse. We were doing well until I was unable to work due to Lupus.

We were able to stay on top of all of our obligations. That is not how it is now. I receive phone calls daily from creditors and I try to explain my situation but they do not want to listen.

I want to be able to pay what I owe. I always have; however, it is difficult on a fixed income. I lost a large part of income becoming disabled.

We have two great girls who are A-B honor roll students! I want to be able to provide for them.

It's hard though with all the calls from creditors. They will not accept accept anything less than $250. So every time they call it leaves very little money for us to survive on.

I never thought that I would be disabled this young! That is another thing: medical testing and physicians bills. It is all too overwhelming.

I do not receive any public assistance. I'm trying to do what is right. I just do not have enough money to spread around.

It leaves me depressed most of the time and that is not healthy for my children. I have recently been placed on an antidepressant for this by my family physician.

I am just hoping that this harassment could stop. I did not intentionally make the debt just to get out of it. I was diagnosed with an illness that made me quit working.

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