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Depressed Single Mom Of Three Angels Seeks Grant Money For Debt Relief

by Amy Hernandez
(King, NC, USA)

My three little senoritas!!!

My three little senoritas!!!

My name is Amy Hernandez and I am a single mother of three, one of which is disabled/special needs child. I'm looking for grant money for debt relief.

We live day to day on a very low, fixed income, which is my child's disability, and after I pay our rent, our light, the car payment, and any other basic bill that we have every month like extra food, we never have much at all left over.

I am bipolar and suffer horrible depression, which is worsened by my circumstances and the fact that I cannot provide as I need to for my kids. I'm going nuts trying to find a job.

We did not ask for this as their father left us last year and did not look back. My girls never get to go on class trips. We never get to eat a hamburger and that makes me very, very sad.

Right now we are really in a bind, much more so because my car insurance is up for renewal in the first week of June and due by the third week in June. It is nearly $800 due to an accident that I had in 2007.

That accident broke my neck and ribs and almost killed me. I am in constant pain from that still and every day is a horrible and miserable struggle for my girls and me and we need help badly.

I am a Caucasian woman but my kids are part Hispanic and all are females and very beautiful. Why am I telling you this? Well, it's simply because it is sad that my three gorgeous angels have to live in such horrible times and conditions.

It's sad doing without the basic human necessities like dandruff shampoo for example. We all have terrible dry scalp and right now a bottle of that would be a dream.

Pathetic maybe, but God knows the truth. I cry a lot when they are in bed or in another room as I ache for the fact that they have to endure such poverty and their dad does not seem to care.

He doesn't have to see it every day. I do and it hurts. On top of having to live so low life like, my girls in their daily lives, face tremendous prejudice because of their skin.

They are 20, 16, and 10 and all very deserving children and are well behaved, and do well in school and help and respect me very much. It just kills me that I cannot give them more.

I was also looking for help to get them a computer, mainly a laptop, as they all three really need one for school. One is starting college and really needs one as many of her classes will/may/can be online.

Up until a little while ago, (about two months), my 20 year old was working as a waitress and helping us a little, but she lost the job and now we have very low income and a very little has to support us all.

Luckily my apartment is one that HUD will actually base the rent on income or we all would also be out on our bums. Both she and I, despite my horrible afflictions, have looked all over for a job and have not been able to find one.

We are just barely getting by and need the help of someone, some charity, or some agency or company or a miracle. My 16 year old has ADHD, has a really bad developmental delay.

She has a really significant learning disability. Often she has to go to the library. It is very small but highly populated and she always has a wait, or she is timed and gets only 30 minutes at a time when she can barely even get started in 30 minutes.

She struggles a lot as do all of us trying to ensure they all get time on the computers to get all their work done for school the next day, not to even mention the gas for the trip, which is another major problem too.

I know it must seem like I am whining. Really I am not. I am thankful to God for the little we do have but I am sad, sad every day and I pray to God someone will see this and reach out and help us.

I just really want more for them and right now I am extremely worried about getting the car insurance paid. If I am unable to maintain it, the car, which is really just a junker, will be taken and we live in a very rural area and will have no way to even get to the grocery store.

Last year another car we had was stolen and we went four months walking and believe me that ain't fun and I will just die if that happens to us again and it seems that it may.

This is why I am so desperate, and begging complete strangers for help with the insurance and perhaps the computer. I do not have enough income right now so I have not one dollar to offer right now, not one!!!!

Please will someone help us out? PLEASE?

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