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Depression And Bad Back Disabled Grandparents Need Bill Paying Benefits

by Crystal Blevins
(Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA)

I am a 52-year-old woman with a husband, two kids and two grandbabies.

I am disabled and my husband is in the process of applying for Disability himself.

Our son lives with us and is working to support his two kids, which leaves him with very little to help us.

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Disability Issues

My main disability is depression and anxiety.

I also have back issues and have had knee surgery. I will have to have both knees replaced sooner than later.

My husband has a very bad back and will need some kind of treatment for which we have no medical insurance.

He has also been diagnosed with depression.

Financial Hardship

We have all our utilities to pay and a mortgage to take care of, all with one income, my Social Security Disability.

Our car is currently broken down and will cost $300 to fix. We don't have the money for it.

Our medications are due to refilled and we can't get them most of the time, because of our money situation.

Income Efforts

We have asked family and friends to help, but there is no one we know in a position to help.

In spite of his back condition, my husband has been looking for work, with no luck. He can't find anything his back will allow him to do.

Specific Needs

We would like to get a grant to pay all of our outstanding bills, get medical insurance and continue to live in our home.

We are also continuing to try and get SSD for my husband.

We would also like to get some medical insurance for the both of us.


Editor's note. Crystal, just a quick question about your son. Is he a single dad or is the mother of his kids around? It would help also if you could talk about the medications you're on. Readers might have some ideas for you.

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Jan 24, 2014
To answer your question, Don
by: Crystal Blevins

My grandchildren's moms are in the picture. The kids live with them. But my granddaughter has her visitation with us. So when she is here we have to make sure she has everything she needs: food, clothes and things like that. My grandson does not have court ordered visitation so we see him very rarely. The moms are just around for the money and support my son can provide.

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